Thursday, May 9, 2013

dance #12


Three daybreak missed you dancing. Start with Yoga to Melissa Ivey songs recorded at the D note bleeding into Shawntae and the sun salutations become complete worship complete surrender complete love. Then colli, and the pace picks up, the breath deepens, dance

Are nonbelievers and atheists simply afraid to surrender to that which animates them? Animate like breathe into like to inspire. Or don't ask themselves where their tone came from? How can you have a tongue without a tongue how can you ask if there is a tongue with your tongue?

I do know that some atheists are merely trying to free themselves from dogma.

The universe does not care whether you believe in it or not, but if you are not filled with awe and gratitude then you are missing.

Then switch to G, a and B. Sorry about courts about family. One off in the living room with Sophia shaking to cancel the blue Dragon tears her corn of the Rome.

Deep into the dance listening to myself be in the moment with the velvet underground jam with my one year-old daughter singing Genevieve, Adam and everyone.

Hyper text this. Send link to page that says all typos are for ever. Or in this case all mistranslations. Corn of the Rome is better than coining of the realm, even means the same thing! But lest crochet double!

Off to see the wiz all I need is Mary.

I told my brother Matthew about this book making. He was the one that turned me onto thousand one nights Arabian. He asked me or I mean suggested that I have some references to violence in the same way that Arabian nights has a blood bath full of it. Why? But I like the idea of fanatically Torning this with that crazy tome. Instead of violence we have the opposite of violence. Instead of fate we have choice. But let us keep the sexy young thing, and the poetry shit inspires. The primal impulse. And this she is getting good.
Shit fuck and all swearwords cuss words dirty words are multi valence this is one of the reasons why poets love them but also they wipe away at the manacle of society. Fuck this. 

Let's dance! One more wiz Khalifa song. It's nothing!

That was a perfect morning Gantz. I'm sure I could find something wrong with it, like all the sidebars maybe? But I don't want to be a fault finder all the time. We are always looking for fault.

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