Friday, May 31, 2013


Did not want to go to the cemetery this morning felt like down Trenton fog. Forced myself. put on African dance beat vol.2, Found on Spotify. Very uplifting compilation. Amazing to feel combined depressants call me down while the body up in the sun.

Squirrels have been looking at me funny angry eyes.

I no longer leap off things like I did just a few years ago, maybe the cemetery reminds me too much. It's like I am in a race against time, is just being inside Of time. It is about keeping outside of Time. Also contributing. Somehow I don't feel like I am contributing enough. Just my story? "When I consider how my light is spent."

When I mentioned being a puppet, that wasn't the best metaphor. When You are inside music, It's quite hot inside music, Then you have freedom paradoxically.

Anyway, grateful for a few moments of joy this morning. I seem to be struggling. Caution, work ahead.

When this man passes me he smiled and said: hallelujah

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