Wednesday, May 27, 2015


This morning Lucia got up at 6 AM when I did, so I took her downstairs to give Genevieve some extra time to sleep. I did some yoga and meditation while she played on the iPad, then just danced in place in the basement. Not as glorious as going outside, but worth the sacrifice for Genevieve to get some extra sleep. And I still got my groove on to some Hendrix, so there!

    Now, as I write this, at the park, my big girls...
so there. 


This beauty surprised me while I was dancing through the Queens cemetery this morning. How did she get there? If she lives here how have I never seen him before? A mystery most fowl. 

Genevieve says, maybe she got there by crossing the road. Yes, but why? To get to "the other side."

Someone left a faucet on and it poured out liquid diamonds in the sun

Saturday, May 23, 2015


Late night walk/dance down Queens Blvd (cemetery closed) after a woozy day of laying low with 2 sick girls watching too much TV, reading about crazy Chinese history in Wild Swans, getting engrossed in a literary fight about racism on FB, my head in a dozen directions. So needed the time out, enjoying the sea of beautiful ugly people streaming past, to the crystal distorted sounds of Led Zeppelin.


Part of me wants to just leave this dance be. The ones that are not spectacular. But they are building blocks to the ones that are. Barely inspired, though moment or two here and there. Working on being with the banal. Just awareness. 15,000 steps yesterday though! According to my smart phone. And a few thousand pushing a stroller with 75 lbs. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


This morning and Monday morning I danced to Joel Davis' May 14 set on KGNU via 2 dances that I'm counting as 1 because they each were lacking. I'm doing a cleanse this week, so my energy is low. No coffee, no machacacha. It took a lot to get up and get out, but was glad I did. It helped. Though the dance was subdued. But still, there were moments of joy inside the music, and I was moving, grooving.

Urban Rothko

I love these natural frames created by whitewashing over graffiti. Soon I'm going to add some graffiti of my own to this frame.

This shot is from Monday. This is how my head often feels. Full of diagrams and junk.

Saturday, May 16, 2015


Today I was home with a sick Sofia while Mama and Lucia went too meet Sean Ferry and fam at The Creative Time art show in the northern parts of Central Park.

Even though Sofia had a temperature of 100.5 we still somehow managed a dance. The spirit just took us over.

It partly had to do with the music Joel Davis chose for his Afternoon Sound Alternative set non pareil from May 14, 2015.

I don't know why these kinds of fun dances don't happen every day with the girls. But when they do I have to think that they are imparting something essential and everlasting in the spirit of the girls.

At one point as we were dancing separately Sofia said, "Let's do something together" and my heart melted. I swung her up in the air like an airplane and flew her around and around before flopping her down on the chair, all the sway of the music.

Unexpected and full of the most special kind of love.

    Sofia style:

Friday, May 15, 2015


This has been a good week of dancing. And the result is a little more well being, a little more awareness. And every little tiny bit is huge, that's the perspective.

Bhairava Tantra #9

"Lie down as if dead dead. Enraged with wrath, stay so. Stare without moving an eyelash. Or suck something and become the sucking. Lie down as if dead."

I love the exquisitely turned sarcasm of a good master. (Shiva in this case.) 

Dear Joel Davis

Your afternoon alternative set on kg u may 14, 2015 was such a perfect dance set. You are now my favorite DJ of all time. So very Boulder with a those multiethnic influences and rhythms, super positive vibes, endlessly innovative and fun. As that hopped up Afro=Columbian version of Staying Alive came on I was, ironically, spinning in a graveyard at a crossroads. Where the four lines intersected I was inventing a dance, like four square played by one person who becomes the ball.

Thursday, May 14, 2015


This morning the whole time in lockstep and flail to Floating Coffin by Thee Oh Sees, care of Spotify. I pretend like they are playing for me live, and they are. Just like I am playing for you live right now. It occurs to me that you may be reading this after I have gone the way of all flesh, the way of the dodo. But like magic here I am with you, talking to you. I just had the most remarkable dance. The music and I took it to the nth of joy. That was me/him screaming in acid rock scat basso along with the chosen band du jour in the center of queens cemetery like a goshawk at full yawp! And the ripple is now reaching you. How about that.


Working through the fear, letting it out (in?)

Couldn't get into the dance

Wrong music

Tried new Mumford

New U2

Not for me 2

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Monday, May 4, 2015


Listening to Alan Watts, while I made my coffee this morning, positing that civilization is a mistake. The best thing that we can do for the world is nothing he says. He was arguing with Margaret Mead, saying that her anger against Nuclear weapons was counterproductive, that she was the kind of person who would drop a nuclear bomb on the nuclear bombers. And then I did some yoga, then read a poem, John Weiner's "Unforgiving Cities" in Micah Ballard's "Morning Train", and John says, "I watched the young pour their dreams over granite." So that's it today then, the acceptance of all loss. But now I'm going to listen to the new Alabama shakes album, which David Bailey on Facebook this morning says is the best album of the decade so far. And yes, beauty is what we have to look forward to, until we can no longer. And maybe make some to leave for some for somebody else! What else?

And this album was it! transcends time, at least my time.  I was flying through the graveyard, creating beauty with beauty, and for who's eyes? Mine Only. And yours now, in some very very distant way.

   This is what the new trees do to the city, and by extension the human spirit

    This is me, this morning, child with mustache, reading the book of life, whereon there is a flower bud being written by a branch.

Sunday, May 3, 2015


I was listening this morning to the "stuff you should know" podcast, the spider edition. Listening to all the amazing qualities of spiders was inspiring, like the way they spin their silk, a substance much stronger than steel, and more flexible than rubber. The vast genius of nature produces this, incredible. And then remembering by extension that my own body is equally remarkable, the walking intelligence of the universe. But funny that my brain, my consciousness, is so unremarkable most of the time. The trick is to figure out how to bring my thinking my more into alignment with a spiders web.

Full on dancing in the cemetery afterward to Mos Def, "My Umi Says." Looking around me at the graves and thinking how the dead would applaud my dancing, if they could. Then remembering how I used to superstitiously hold my breath when passing cemeteries, the reason being that it was disrespectful to breath in front of those who could not. What a ridiculous belief that was, seeing as how I should be breathing deeper while passing a cemetery, not less. But it did teach me awareness and respect for those that have come before in its own way, so maybe not such a bad thing for a child afterall.

this! spring! look at that pattern, at those colors!

grave plot with wild flowers.