Tuesday, August 26, 2014


I wake up and I don't feel like going out. In my mind I am split. I know rationally that once my feet get moving I will wake up and, inevitably, probably, feel great. I just have. to. get. out. that. door.

But the present mind, the one in the moment, is not feeling anything but tired inertia. This is one of those moments where I have to circumvent the present mind.

Maybe my present mind knows better, maybe it doesn't. I'm choosing, at any rate to go OUT!

Then I go out and listen to William Onyeabor remixes and the music mixed with my legs moving begins to wake me up. I breathe in the day. Soon I am in a new present mind and it is fully alive in my body.

Now, these two squirrels chased each other around the tree. It was amazing to watch them try to fake each other out (at least I think that is what they were doing.) Is the lead-squirrel going up or down on the next pass? The follow-squirrel adjusts to the move in a lightning quick instant. These animals would make amazing Soccer goalies. Sometimes I lose track of which is following which. It seems as if they are playing, and even having fun, but hard to say for sure. Either way I would guess this is training, the way they stay quick and alive.

Friday, August 22, 2014


Though I miss the agile wild days of skipping down mountains of CO and leaping off rocks (see 200 dances ago or so) I still relish the idea of tripping lightly through the heavy tombstones of Queens, echoing the skyscrapers of the Manhattan landscape in the background. I feel much older here, but still when the music takes me, off I go, free in my way.

I found this beauty in the trash and hung it on a random wall. This made me absurdly happy.

Wet balloon in the graveyard

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


It was raining out so I did yoga with Gen instead of go out for a dance this morning. It was a Yoga Glow class. Core strengthening for wimps it was called but that was a lie. I was sweating through it. Felt great.

But later before lunch I had an amazing dance party with girls to Bonnie Prince Billy vs. Tortoise on vinyl. And kept it up to the new album by Sinead O'Connor on Spotify while I was putting together 4 course lunch for the girls.

That's doing it. getting closer to the goal of dancing all day. 


1. Express yourself. Remixed by DJ Prez
2. William Onyeabor's Atomic Bomb covered by Hot Chip
3. No Problem Saloon by Oy

All incredible dance song treasures discovered this morning on Joel Davis's 8/14/14 Afternoon Sound Alternative set on AfterFM.com.

Is that enough? More than.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Some panic attack hits, for whatever reason. And I feel like I'm literally dancing into the jaws of death, all shaky like I'm dissipating... Into nothing. I am terrified but trying to let go into the letting go. Then I'm skating over a moat around a castle full of basketball players, just skimming the surface of the water as James Brown thrashes my body around the track, looking out through an inchoate diaphanous haze, caught up in the centripetal motion.

Monday, August 11, 2014


Zone B

Zombie by Fela Kuti. "Zom B O Zom B." I mishear this at first as "Zone B! O, Zone B!"

B, its a pictogram of Breasts. The word BOOB is full of full breasts. It's Onomatopoeic too, what babies say when they are feeding, BA BA BA, which is why some early linguist made the sound of mama's milk look like a B.

Zone B is not in the same zone as A, zone Of self, of pointing straight up, crossed, A crossing itself. (at least A is trying to assert itself horizontally. You can hear that in the sound too, the way the Ah stretches the mouth high and wide. butt it's not as buxom as zone B!)

Plus it is the other thing, like plan B, like the thing that happens that we didn't plan. That zone!

The dance this morning met up with Eutimia Cruz Montoya, because there was a song in the glorious set by Terrasonic on afterfm 8/9/14 that sounded like her, both the singing and the song. Also because I found out through FB that my friend Joanna fidducia is friends with Timi too. FB is such an evolutionary force. I danced with both of them in the graveyard this morning.

But mostly alone    where with all.

Jagger stole his moves from James Brown.

This guy was just waking up, watched me dancing and yawned.

This guy slept right through it.

Hey lions, Check out the bat wing of light

Friday, August 8, 2014


Electronic transactions

Bear down against the worst of the pain

Then shake it off!

-Subcutaneous scrimshaw

The imperious Charles Qualatine. died 1918.

New album by Ricky Scaggs and Joe Walsh. Pure Wow.

Friday, August 1, 2014


Tonight I went out to dance riding the incredible energy of Shakespeare times Mary J. Oblige. First listening all day to Allen Ginsberg world out The Tempest with a class at The Jack Keroauc Disembodied School Of Poetics, so good. And then watching Keats' favorite play Cymbeline, at the park across the street from our house in queens, done by New York actors, near the cream of the crop, by far good enough and sometimes great.

I could become addicted to being a Shakespearian actor, just to be confidently caught up that language, the rolling emotional intelligence of it.

The whole family was there, which was twice as nice. Sofia even made it until the end, pretty good for a four year old. For awhile we casting cousins in the different roles on stage.

So that was the energy I took with me to dance. I went around the track at Doughboy park. It was great to see families out at 10:30pm at night, even some dads there with their daughters, they're the best. Just used all three uses of there/their/they're in one sentence. Just did it again. On a roll.

Which is what DJ heroes 99 and Barry were on as I rounded the tracks. Such a beautiful set, 7/25/14.