Monday, May 13, 2013


February 15 
I love beginning my dance Dargantz studio and then the light comes strewing to the window and slanted rectangles slowly as I warming up my body.*
Dancing to King sunny day Pandora station. King Sunny day really is the king. I have listened to a lot of African music and he may be my favorite.*

Thinking this morning about the line dance like nobody is watching. Which is a great quote because so many people are so self-conscious including myself though I am at two on the scale of 10. However correlate is when you're alone dance like everybody is watching you. In other words keep the dance interesting, and it's not an ego thing, more that you want to entertain you have her responsibility to other, even if that other is only your cell phone. Ha ha Your self

But actually if the music is interesting and you are following the music as closely as possible with your body not even with your mind but with your body, then the dance will of its own accord be interesting to other.

 Tonight is the 10th anniversary of the D note and also goodbye to the DeGraffs. While young and the evening and thus I will have it to dance day. See you then!

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