Monday, April 29, 2013

1/7/13 #8

soft #8

Hard to know where this account elliptical at the gym has a dance I do get inside the music and Bluetooth pizza and sweat the only real thing I am lacking is freedom of movement. So it counts as a semi dance. But I counted. It's still staves off the king, Death.

Caravan Palace the first album was my companion this morning. It moves me and has got to dive into. Also the Colorado daily was full of fantastic articles notably one about Boulder DIY Goddess Kim Davis. She makes everything herself, went through. Of new taxidermy, making pies, now she is into macaroons. I bet she is the one who does all the yarn Bombs in the neighborhood. Also an article about a CU student who lives with indigenous people and says they are the richest people he has ever met. Obvious, but brings it home again. And another article about a see you student who is studying the way ass sounds. Ha ha that is a miss translation. I said S sounds. The way I asked sounds are what differentiates male from female and perceptive listening.

Finally the paper opens up in such a way that all I see is the giant word sweat. It gives a unique that to this dance, and makes up for lack of lateral movement. Sweat it screams, confirms.

1/6/13 #7

Back in Colorado dancing behind Mount Sofia up the slope dodging the snow. Sun on my four head. Clanking glare off the snow. No sunglasses. I love how the microphone translation gave me the word clinking instead of glaring.

I'm listening to a band with the boring name the last Royals. I chose it from Spotify new releases because of the name of the album. Twisp deification. Twistificatiom. Even though it has a cliché sound, it is good and I am grateful.

Music is so common, there is so much and yet I am so grateful.

Is it boring to be grateful? Or is it a good reminder.

I am lost in good poetry, skasers, and yet my own is of the wind and snow. 

I want to leave all of the mistakes in the dance. John Cage 

There is no bad seat in the house. Adam DeGraff

Thinking about the space between cliché, familiar, understood, acceptable. And new, uncomfortable, experimental, fresh. This band bringing both together. The need To meet people halfway.

Thinking about spicers  radio. As it was brought up and Karen Weisers new book on ugly duckling, two light out. The last Royals singing it's a good day to be on the radio. And icing it to boulder arms lifted as a benediction. A good day to be on Spicer's radio
Listen inside the static of a barefoot winter waltz.

"Come dance with me on the floor that needs sweeping and then we'll start believing we are in love."

The first goal of the dance is to become part of the song. The next goal is to sweat. . To release anything from our body is ecstasy.To sweat to stay thin and hungry.

To swing the body electro.

1/2/13 #6

Dance from Ed Berrigan's web md office to moma listening to newer caravan palace to see the clock

Dancing down 49th and in my head I'm a broadway dancer in a reality show On celluloid. Perfect lead up to Marclay's celluloid masterpiece. 

I'm imagining every dancing.

The clock is even more profound and entertaining than I expected. I will be thinking about it for a long TIME. I hope to see it w my daughters someday. The start of my bucket list.  

After spending a thrilling hour and 15, from 315 to 430PM, I went to see some James Ensor illustration of a true story involving baboons burning on a chandelier. Then a surprise show of work by the quay brothers and new artists come into view. 

Then a fast dance back to grand central to freak out velvet underground alternative cuts, the perfect last dance run in ny city. Run run run run run down 5th avenue!

The best under the circumstances I could do?

I wonder if my new friend Eileen Myles would approve?

I want to film a dance down 5th avenue to VU and play it as back ground on big screen at cocktail/dance party. Make it so.

1/1/13 #5

First day of the year and I am dancing in East Village instead of listening to poetry poetry in motion New Yorkers ignore me some laugh. Soundtrack is Paul Simon into Caravan Palace. Perfect New York city dance walk music. The reason it is been several days since my last dance is that I was sick. Boo.

I spent dec 28th  with Tyler in Karen's cabin playing music. Karen I told Karen about 1001 dances. She said what makes a dance? I told her she knew what a good dance meant, it was when you could not separate the dancer From the dance.

Time to dance before darkness falls and these beautiful faces are lost. Mine.

Dance into monk thrift shop first and third. Buy gifts for Berrigans for hosting me tonite. A blue scarf for Anselm
Dancing around the gyre of Tompkins square park 
Home of heros

NY about to kill me

Then poetry at the project

Now sinking into a slough 
As nico sings Dylan in the vortex
Of st marks

12/22 #4

The day after I suppose it and move the world and I am still dancing, keeping the king happy. Mother-in-law just drop me off the new birth free library on the way to infection. I read some poetry ape iron silly man.

Inspired and then took a photo of Dante in front of the full moon. But on electro swing compilation on Spotify and dance down to the waterfront. Turn around and see my mother in law fresh from confession, watching me begin to dance.

12/19/13 #3

Dancing up Mandingo
2 cars slow
One going thither
One coming fro

They watch me dance
To pass the Dutch
Miss demeaner
Meaner than ever
Having fun with the elements a flat top page becomes a runaway from my forearm snake as I run down on the hill. Take exit giant leap Hitch just as EMC says Joe Joe and then drop it like it's hot comes on the phone. I think of a brain fruit and run down the hill throwing it behind my back to the beach is the cars go thief meet
Beep beep. Juggle dance walk with the elements.

Around the Branford hi yeah 20 feet high over the telephone wire Ketura this aside without breaking stride to the climax of Missy and Timberland

This third dance I followed by sumptuous lunch consisting of you Chibaw to bread from New York City with Parano cheese Romain lettuce tomatoes with Sesame dressing Fritos with Quesa dip grapefruit and apple cider with cherry lime seltzer water no cranberry lime seltzer water. Because I am so famished and it is so good it tastes so good. Hard work leads to good food

Really, one of the best meals of my life. Everything taste so good. The way who went Sesame dressing Romain place in to the salty cheese and yeasty bread, the way