Thursday, March 27, 2014


This morning was barely a dance, but I'm going to have to count it because it was hard won. It was 26 degrees out and windy so I almost stayed in and did yoga, but was our 7 year wedding anniversary so I went to Brooklyn Bagels to get G her favorite bagel. On the way I listened to myself rocking out on guitar and singing a song in my living room recorded on my voice recorder app and then did finally get into a baby groove. Once I did it felt great. Still getting used to not hitting up the green muse before I go out, which is a slow change. I also listened to Melissa Ivey make up a train song "Go Tell Your Mama (all the ways I've treated you wrong)" outside the D Note years ago while I played harmonica.

Also some serious magic this morning stemming from dreams before dance and then following. I woke up inside my dream this morning while looking at a very green hill of grass. I couldn't believe how real the grass looked in my dreaming mind, couldn't believe it was just a dream. I was wishing for a way to capture it, some way to write it all down and take it into my waking life. A little elfin Zach Galafianakis character popped into the frame and pointed toward the hill. "The pen is on the other side," he said with an impish gleam in his eyes. So I started walking up the hill and, consequently, woke up. Then, during breakfast, Genevieve gave me a gift for our 7 year anniversary and it was a green pen.

Love the poetry of this. The locked door, the promise of morning glory coming soon. Thought of the poet Lee Olin who admitted on FB to having a terrible night last night and having trouble sleeping for fear of never waking up.
side of a bus shelter call for healing power of music:
7 in heart served with bagel to Genevieve

Friday, March 21, 2014


Haven't danced for a week. Probably because I've stopped THC and am recovering. But this morning I had an amazing dancing dream (my dreams get better without the THC, which is part of my reasoning for Giving it a rest), so I woke up ready to go. Listened to big bad voodoo daddy which I stumbled across while looking for Cab Calloway. Did the trick.


Friday, March 14, 2014


More of the bordello de Gogol. 

Dead can't dance, but I still can.

Tall shadow tiny tombs

The saddest thing trash piles of Xmas

Saturday, March 8, 2014


Last night we watched a movie called Wadjda. In it a little girl recites a verse of the Koran (115), 

"Whoever opposes the Messenger after guidance has been made clear to him and follows the path of the non believer we will give him what he has taken and drive him into hell that most evil destination."

This jolted me upright because I remembered being about her age and memorizing the following verse from the Bible, Hebrews 10, verse 26,

"For if you sin willfully after which you have receiveth the knowledge of the truth, then there remains no sacrifice for your sins but only a fearful looking forward to of death and fiery indignation."

Hauntingly similar, no? Fear-based theology.

So this morning it was wonderful to dance to Gogol Bordello's "Dub The Frequencies Of Love" and resonate with these lyrics...

"Master tell me how come everything they taught us
Always seems to be so terribly wrong
In the meantime music from the tiny island
Takes over the world

Frequencies of love
Gather round, oh come on
Frequencies of love
Overcome, overthrow!

So dub it like tovarisch could
Say it like a brother would
Hold me like a mother would
Onto transmigration"

I found a picture perfect for this "tiny island music" before the temple...

At the heart of this dirty snow monster lies a pristine Crystaline heart of snow


In the early days of the Dnote we had a friend named Rob who would make us DJ mixes. My brother Matthew kept them and I got them from him recently. Listening to one of them this morning was a great experience, a very skilled DJ mix, with such surprises as White Stripes "I think we are going to be friends"set to a hip-hop beat and mixed with soundbites from Napoleon dynamite. Provenance! Providence!

I placed Rob in the doorway of the mausoleum. This is a new favorite ritual, putting people in the doorway, dancing for them, imagining them they're alive here and with me, people I love.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


This morning's dance courtesy of M.I.A.

In fact I was dancing with her, 100 miles an hour, like a roadrunner.

The wily coyote is death.

Found this diamond in the rough

And yet another in the back of a mausoleum.
Look at those clouds!

And one more Diamond. I was listening to Beck's sea change On the way home. when I saw this the mattress reminded me of Beck.

Sunday, March 2, 2014


What an incredible dance. I listened to the fruit bats great album echolocation and found myself singing along at the top of my lungs. So Fantastic. And then doing fancy footwork to Django Reinhart. 

At one point I imagine loved ones standing in a doorway and dancing before them. Toward them and coyly away.

Here are some lines I heard and loved from the fruit bats...

"There are rainbows as the light refracts through the glass in your feet.

Blue and green as the wind attacks and the glaciers retreat."