Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Little glimpses of dance this memorial weekend in Connecticut. With Sofia and Gen's parents to Cindi Lauper DVD 12 deadly guns. Then with Rezzy, on the lawn leading to the lake, to Amadou and Miriam.

But no full on dance until this Tuesday morning in the cemetery. I did a soundcloud DJ mix search until I found something that seemed promising. And it turned out to be phenomenal. Starting with just lifting me above the ground and then skipping on marshmallows in low gravity.

It was "Trujillo's mix August 2012" Soundcloud.

I want to ask everyone "Did you remember to dance on your last day on earth? Since every day was your last day. Since every day deserves one amazing perfect beautiful dances.

Thanks Trujillo, Whoever you are. Before you were random, nothing but a number. But now in the music I know you a little. Some lives are too good not to keep.

"Ask The Nightstand" is the name of the book that came to me through the music. Also "dedicated to you, my lost other, lost in the stacks and found here"

Saw a face in the profile of this gravestone

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