Saturday, July 27, 2013


Morning Dance at Candlewood lake. Past a few joggers and it occurs to me that everybody is listening to music, but very few people are moving to the music. I can hardly help but move to the music. Is it fear that keeps people from moving to the music when they run? Because I can't believe that they are not feeling the music.

Jumped in the lake afterward. Stand there and look at my reflection in the rippling gem of the water. Then dive in, fully alive. I open my eyes underwater and see opaque green.

Friday, July 26, 2013


Fantastic this. Combination of African disco, coffee, macha cacha, hard work, and something else too, luck? The Moon? Stars?

It would be hard to overstate the amount of joy and pleasure I get from morning dances like this one.

Thursday, July 25, 2013


Vanessa Place "statement of fact" controversy essay to wake up and then dancing to kidz bop 24, kids' clean take on dirty pop music. Too much.

Otherwise little. A cemetery worker on the back of a truck smirks at me which relates to some violent feelings. Also anxiety about money. Try to dance it off.

Seeing a gravestone with my name on it and remembering that I am alive. And that I did dance.


The art of electro swing. That is all.

That is not all. This morning I spied a possum. He did not see me and so I followed him for a while. I noticed his tail curly little tail was moving and rhythm to it I was listening to. So I began to shake my tail with the same pattern to the music as I walked down the sidewalk of the graveyard After him. Charming.

Monday, July 22, 2013


Thinking this morning about the world. Listening to TerraSonic, the magic carpet ride around the world, as I float down Roosevelt Avenue. Roosevelt Avenue is underneath the 7 train so it feels like an endless tunnel. As my friend Steve Nickson says, it is a tunnel of ethnicity. As Colin Quinn pointed out there are 120 languages spoken along this way. It is remarkable that I have come from Kansas, monoculture, to this, possibly the most diverse place on earth. And what I choose to listen to is dance music from all around the world. I am taking a bath in the culture of the world and I like it.

Saturday, July 20, 2013


Terrific exploration of Long Island City this morning as the photos will reflect.

Lively tap dancing on the pier to French swing music among the Chinese elders doing tai chi.

Followed by...

Very sweet moment as Carla Bruni sings a French song about teddy bears on KGNU Restless Mornings show while I lay on the super comfy wooden lounge chair beds at Gantry Park in Long Island City on the bank of the Hudson and look up at the broken morning clouds, caressed by the breeze coming off the water.

my favorite book!

super comfie

Friday, July 19, 2013


Rode bike to Central Park And locked it up on the south east side. Then danced into the park. Gorgeous morning. Saw several beautiful and noteworthy things. The most subtle and beautiful was a Construction worker ballet to Coco Rosie's song Beautiful Boyz. Couldn't help but think of Frank O'Hara and Edwin Denby. There was a moment when two workers both turned pylons at the same time but from opposite directions and it was in time to the music in a way that could have only been choreographed.

Leaves falling.

Pigeons rising.

White crane in the reflection of a skyscraper.

Thursday, July 18, 2013


Ended up dancing back from Starbucks, to the gorillaz. walking out of Starbucks in the comfort zone of hell and into the sweltering sweaty heat of heaven. I had not intended to dance but I was so elated from my writing tonight, first of children's short story "the rescue" and then a few chapters of my young adult novel, that I was extra charged and danced with an almost machine like precision. Although I still let my freak flag fly pretty hot. At one point I was even tap dancing. "Tap dancing at the speed of light."

quite a unique dance, gliding.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Farrah faucet hair

I like it when you play with my hair

Send as a poster grandma calling to check the church at hardship.

Send it as a postcard to wife at work.

Sent as a postagram Calling to check the church at hardship.

I get my loving on the run. Morning run.

Sad eye watches happy feet.

Bright eyes watch happy feet.

Savion Glover's dance lesson. DVD extra. BALANCE!

Everything above is a palm. Now I've slipped into place.

Three days in the hospital with Sofia, no dancing, but incredible bonding.

This morning's dance felt like a butterfly's celebration after three days in a cocoon.

Savor feeling good, glove.

Sometimes I actually prefer prose.