Thursday, May 16, 2013


April 15

In a few weeks since I've been able to dance, with the move and looking for a house in New York, et cetera. Looks like the search is over. Hello Sunnyside Queens.

So it feels like being a whore slut out of the gates dancing up to the top of Boneville. To the blue fat Watertower, who was my obliging dance partner.

The soundtrack was the new kid see UTI indicud, a downer and upper at once. But for moments at a time in the dance. Laughed at by a fat construction worker near St. Mary's. Laughing with his friend. I try to see him as my beloved, he is laughing I knew.

The dance between self-conscious and superconscious. MetLife.

I like all the sudden how the translator turns all of this into a bill help you owe him oh text.

Barely legible!

Give it upbeat and forget the words.

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