Tuesday, May 14, 2013


March 1

Began with some grounding yoga. I needed it because my mind has been depressed, my body. Maybe because I have not danced all week. The yoga was extra powerful because I read a passage from Richard Freeman's book, the mirror of yoga, about the grounding of the breath in the premium like the roots of the tree, and the prana resting in the heart sprouting upward like the leaves of a tree.

I put on the new atoms for peace record and danced jerk early to the jerky music. Then maggot brain by funkadelic. Maggot brain is all about rising out from the maggots but it inherited the earth, and it felt right for how I was feeling. I found myself Punching at myself in the mirror, a perfect metaphor for what happens when we get angry. And then remembered take not Han saying that we should hold our angry cells and I began to dance holding myself in a loving embrace and it was powerful healing. This was a new kind of dance for me.

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