Tuesday, May 14, 2013


February 25

I missed the African band Bouleau. But my brother needed some comfort swordsmiths and I talking with him instead. Yeah. Boo.

So now I am dancing for the birds.

Just set a new goal in my head.

Hundred thousand strong dance party down the streets of New York Times Square.

Even 10,000 would feel worthwhile. You thousand and one. Maybe as a way to thousand one disco nights. Build til it was critical dance. But why not shoot for hundred thousand New Yorkers but doesn't seem like an impossible task. Just when I had a thought on the magical night in Boulder Colorado. Under a full moon. It's an audience of hundred Canadian geese on the shore of the lake and watching you dance. The fireworks went off over the hill. Completely weird in Boulder and unexpected. Seemingly it was a universal celebration for this dance. And a stamp of approval to the idea of a dance party a hundred thousand strong.

#10,000 is a good number because if 10,000 people transfer one hour it would equal MacWorld Malcolm Gladwell's 10,000 hours of time do you Tenasserim anything except for you hire 10,000 people on turnpike 10,000 people to do that are with you.

Ideas for side, the Siri music I just dance to could not be better. Full moon rising into a Maxwell next field Parrish blue sky glazed in the Dutch style. Snows on the Pines.
At one point look up and see the mountains in the glow of the moonlight and shocked at the beauty and majesty of the scene and begin the band of the shore concave elite toward the high school on the hill lined with geese, assuming Canadian geese. At one point look out and see that I have an audience, wonder what they think of my style. Can they tell I'm having fun? I bet they can. The water must be near freezing but as these are Canadian geese they've obviously evolved to take it.

Wow, will be hard to top this dance, but I believe it is a taste of things to come in New York. The fireworks were real. So where the geese. So was the moon. So was my dance. Holy chi!

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