Saturday, August 20, 2016


 In a day that began at brother's new house on Lookout Mountain in Golden, moved to a disc golf game in Arvada with Jeff and Matthew to Denver for sushi burrito lunch to Boulder for the opera Carmen under Bandshell (!) to see Tom at the Beat Bookstore to sleep Mom's in Loveland.

And one stop to see my old friends' band Wonderlic in Skyline park in Denver. They gave me a shout out and the girls too. Sofia wanted to dance, so we gave the crowd a show, both girls in tow.

So sweet, twirling the girls around to that rocky mountain beat.


Incredibly in sync dance with Diandra at Matthew and Monica's house in front of fire place. Hard to believe how synchronized a dance can be, how expressive, how mutually creative. Kept me up too late, but well worth it. An unexpected (and needed) gift from a personal God.