Sunday, April 26, 2015


My goal today was to sweat. That happened and so much more. Back injury has taken me away from dancing for a while. 3 months! But not dancing has actually given me a certain focus with the kids. But also, like a good fast, made  it so good to be back doing it. Today I dance to the recent KFNU set by DJ K-Nee. I used to dance to his music back in the early 90s in Denver. At Rock Island. Then we called the style acid jazz. He still has the same style but I don't think he would use that term today. Anyway it is great to dance to the same DJ for over 20 years and still have it be fresh. Today was almost like a spiritual awakening. Spring has sprung up in Sunnyside and it is so beautiful here. I felt I was springing too. At one point I remembered that I was in a graveyard. I stopped to look at the graves. Then there was a break in the music and a voice saying "let him breathe now. " I took a deep breath, I needed a deep breath, more like a panting, but I could feel the difference between myselves and the Monoliths of the dead.

Spring in the cemetery

Fake flowers blending with real ones

Eye on fire

Sunnyside park enroute home

Friday, April 10, 2015


Went to Cervantes with my brother, Monica and Jen Karnisky to hear Head For The Hills. I haven't seen them for six or seven years, since they played at the D note, and it was great to be back in their thrall. There's a feeling certain Colorado bands give you; you feel like a puppet being shaken on the stick of the music. An incredible feeling. (Though this morning my neck feels the pain. And my head, since I did not get home until 3 AM and the girls woke me up two hours later.)

Viva la dance!

Funny to be back among the chill Colorado hippies after living in New York for a few years.

Monday, April 6, 2015


Lost in the food bazaar

Billie Holiday is playing loud in the fruit snack section. So soothing to the soul. Even though I can't help but think of Strange Fruit, which I couldn't help but tie into commercialism in some vague way.

Then They Might Be Giants came on with "It's Instanbul not Contantinople..." and suddenly a dance party broke out in the aisle. It was just for a minute, so this might be the shortest dance of the 1001 days. But it was memorable.

There was a dance like flow for the rest of the day. Later Lucia and I danced while Lucia played music. Then Sofia danced to the metronome turned all the way up while I wrote this.

(When I wrote this I didn't know that the next day was Billy Holiday's 100th birthday.)