Saturday, May 11, 2013


Started out on the elliptical, because too colda be outside and the dance room was being used by a yoga class. 

It started off as not a dance I was reading Strad Magazine, Strad short for Stradivarius, a magazine I found on the racks at the gym. Strad is "essential reading to string music world since 1890"
There is an article in it about improvisation by Tim KLIPHIUS.
I learned a lot from the article about cadence. Then I turned on Outcast Pandora and the beat was so insistent that I could no longer read. That's when it turned in to my 22th dance.
The problem with Outcast on Pandora though is every other song is by someone like Dr. Dre or Notorious B.I.G. or someone hating. I hit three-hit songs in a row and did not like the feeling so fast forwarded to the next outcast song, "Rosa Parks".

Normally I would just put OutKast on Spotify, but baby Lussier is listening to Amma's World Bhajans at home as she sleeps and Spotify will not let you listen to two devices at once.

Reminded of a dream last night with CA Conrad, poetry and tennis.

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