Tuesday, February 20, 2018


Full elation worth documenting every time. g. First Alain Mehrab, Lebanese poet, discovered at Yoruba Park yesterday. Fully immersed in today. deep rhythm. Did a homophonic translation while  I danced. on elliptical machine in dolphin cove resort Anaheim. Then the following.

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Friday, January 26, 2018


Another Radio Joelio mix, this time an episode of Gateway to the Weekend from September, 2017. Went hard. Arm weights again. This time I invented a throw-over-the-shoulder dance move to work out the tricepts, combined with curls and whirling helicopter arm lifts. I swear someone should be capitizing off of all this. Well, I suppose someone is!

I've been taking cold showers the last few days, inspired by a Wim Hoff fanatic on YouTube. It is a thrill. I can't just jump in though, I have to slowly turn the water down and then step out just as it hits freezing. Such a rush.

Thursday, January 25, 2018


January is shaping up beautifully, what with this magic hole in the teaching schedule. A portal to good dances. This morning for a work out I found a rare gem, a perfect dance mix. Here's the process I took to find it. First I listened to a lot of radio. Then I moved to Colorado and opened a music venue called the D Note. Then I listened to radio1190 in Bouder. There I heard Joel Davis on his world music show Terrasonic. I booked him to spin at the D Note and a good time was had by all. Much time passed and now, a decade later, I live in NY, but I still listen to Joel often, via satellites of love. I still haven't found a better DJ. (Though our mutual friend John Shaeffer, whom I also booked at the D Note, is in the same club.) This brings us to this morning, when I was looking for something to take the sleep slug away, to disperse the druthers, as they say. It wasn't easy. It rarely is. Sometimes there is not much that will work to get me going. But that's where a good DJ comes in handy. I googled "Joel Davis mixcloud dance."  So many to choose from under Joel's dance dj name, Radio Joelio. I scrolled down until one looked good.

And wow! pop! Whoo! I was off on one of the most energetically uplifting dances of my life.

Well, that and strong coffee.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018


Today a dance to "Lotta Sea Lice" the collaborative album by Kurt Wile and Courtney Barnett. Like if Stephen Malkmus and Neko Case were having a lover's conversation in song around a campfire about songwriting itself. And though the songs are mostly slow, I concentrated on the drums and let that dictate the movements. More of a listen than a dance, but still worked up a sweat...


House dance to African pop. workaday dance, but some pizzazz for all that. (What word has more pizzazz than pizzazz?)