Thursday, May 9, 2013

Dance #10

Then tonight at the D Note, my club in old town ARvada, we had a band called the Johnny O Band who played an infectious funk blues music. I had one of Jeremy's cookies and it started. It was half, a third of one of his gold dollar sized cookies. First I got warmed up with the gift of Beck's new book of sheet music which was a gift from my brother Matthew and then one of my favorite dance partner's came in, Jessica Skokum and suddenly I was having one of those ridiculously amazing dances with a woman that knew how to follow in the highest loosest style and then went down stairs for more Beck, tried to learn a tune. Then somebody called me, Greg the sound engineer, came downstairs and told me there was a blond that wanted me to come upstairs and dance and I thought Oh, Jessica wants me to dance with her again. Sweet. And so I went upstairs excited to dance with Jessica, only to see Laurie, another favorite dance partner, super bubbly fun woman and her friend Shelly, who was fantastic to dance with too. And it was a 10, or at least a 9.9. And it was my 10th dance walk too.
Thinking about how I am still not completely comfortable dancing in front of High Schoolers at the local cafe, but at the D Note there is no shame. Thinking abou thte line of Beck's that Matthew wrote up at the D Note as the quote of the day. You can't wash your sins out with shallow water. The D Note has deep water. David Larsen's waves are crashing into each other behind the D Note Stage, held apart only by the Currier and Ives glyph.

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