Friday, June 28, 2013


Culling from Joel's show yesterday I tuned into ZZK sounds volume one and two on Spotify. Psychedelic call me. Cumbia. Kind of a cool lag beat thing that caused me to do slow-motion breaks.

I skirted the graveyard and ended up with some great shots. So, Walt, not as free as in the graveyard, but with many sites to see in South Woodside. An adventure.


Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Woke up mad, which is really sad, as I was sad. Also sad to be mad. Mad to be mad.

Last night needing some love, I thought. Instead a litany of upset came my way. I didn't just not get what I thought I needed. I got the opposite of what I thought I needed. All I thought I needed was to be touched.

Woke up though this morning with the intention to have a great dance, despite the sadness, especially after yesterday's ho hum dance. Took a breath of the magic macha chacha, then headed out to dance.

I found my friend Joel Davis' TerraSonic show on iTunes.

One song into the mix and I was dancing; to transform and understand that you have gone into the music!

I remembered then that I didn't need to be touched to be valid. What does valid mean anyway? I need nothing else but the air of the sun and the music and the grass. What "I thought I needed" turns out I don't. I was full and even felt some compassion for my other, who is understandably frustrated. I am a poor house boy.

Then my brain started. I had some ideas when I was dancing, to take the music to the people. Maybe to try to start a weekly world dance night at Marlene's café down the street. Then try to start a monthly world music dance in the park at the band shelter. Or better yet, set it up for weekly in the spring of 2014. Also gave more thought to a weekly dance in Central Park. Need to make that happen. Where to advertise still the question. But I could start with

Thank you ideas. Thank you number 71. Thank you Joel. Thank you Jeremy. Thank you body.

Here's a partial list of what caught my spirit on the TerraSonic show, the "magic carpet ride around the world":

Kenya: Uproot Andy: Mungala Special. ( free download)

Bosnia: Mushtar, pena, comp cd: World 2002. Gillet, Charlie

Buenos Aires: Cumbia. ZZK sound volume 1:

Jakarta: Kuno Kini: we will rock you:

Saw the following strange advertisement on my way. Ink blot mixed with Lotto mixed with getting blotto I presume. Meaning what?

DISCO ANGEL! (same angel as yesterday filtered through instagram)

I often look for my signs on gravestones. This morning thinking about stability. How not to dip down into sadness, especially self pitying sadness. And then saw this sign and read it as STABLE.
And then these signs which I read as COST DAILY. The daily of cost of stability. Which I take to be something like discipline.

Thinking this hydrant would make a good gravestone. A good joke. Like Keats gravestone "Here Lies One Who's Name Is Writ On Water":

I dig the stained glass in the back of the tombs. This one looked particularly dazzling in the morning sun.


Difficult start this morning, probably because I was up so late last night, writing, looking for work. This morning started with Disclosure on Spotify, a recommendation of NPR. I used to be cool, but now I get my recommendations from NPR! The music was okay but I don't much care for the modern Beats. I mean the click track sound. Got about halfway through the album and switched to the new Daft Punk, but the same problem. A little bit of a dance this morning but hardly qualifies really. Mostly qualifies because of the effort made. Because I know that effort to continue will bring the right dance tomorrow.

LAWLESS (the dance remix)


Monday, June 24, 2013


This morning rode my bike around Central Park. Discovered you can go nonstop all the way around. Also discovered the new Vampire Weekend. I danced on my bike and soaked in the poignant lyrics and scenery.

What a morning.

It smells heavenly in the park, like swathes of plumeria.


Amadou and Mariam at Prospect Park. Bombino opened. Danced hard and marvelled. Sean Ferry and Ed Gilligan met up with us. Then met up with Yvette and Alex afterward.

But mainly Amadou and Mariam!!! Aura! Voodoo, live love. The perfect synergy of blind coupling.

Thursday, June 20, 2013


Woke up ready to dance, more or less. But my dance was a bit lackluster. There were some moments of grace no doubt. Got some good pictures at least. Heard some good music from Yemen. The band Yemen blues stands out. I found it on in TuneIn Radio, a podcast called new sounds by John Schaeffer.

Lately I have been struggling with lack of purpose. I knew this would happen when I left Colorado, but here it is. So now the morning dancer is extra important to help carry me through the day.

I have been thinking that the purpose now is dedicated to a few, namely my daughters. Rather than all of humanity. Or all humanity through them. Or no, just them.

It seems like I have less and less to offer the world. I can't even figure out how to braid hair. The simplest tasks elude me.

Monday, June 17, 2013


Felt weird about coming to the cemetery this morning, slightly depressed, this is a theme. Not sure what inhibits the feeling of good, but what releases it is muggles, the highest grade, grown by my brother, and music.

I began the dance with no music, trying to create the music in my head that I was dancing to. This is something I learned from my friend Julia Temple Buononna. One day after dancing with her she told me she was going to show me how to dance without music. She never did show me and I've been trying to do it ever since. I can get a little of the way there, but doesn't get me near as far as the right music.

Dancing in public in New York and that constant back-and-forth from self-consciousness to supra-consciousness: one with the music.

And I realize the cemetery is safe, I am playing it safe. Ironically I am less afraid in the graveyard than out of it. Staving off the violence. Dream about rushing my daughter to the hospital.

I shouldn't be afraid to dance hard in the streets. 

Lots of work to stay in the supra-consciousness. Try to accumulate as much of it as you can into your habits.

But it should be supra-fun too. Reggaeton in the graveyard

I accidentally stumbled upon the Intune Reggaeton Sessions on spotify (I was trying to type "Intune Radio" into the browser, but but instead typed it into the Spotify search engine and Intune Reggaeton Sessions came up as an option. I was looking for a dance mix so it was perfect.)The music is perfect and completely lifts me up. But there is no small consideration for Jeremy's homegrown herbs.

I want to start a morning dance group in Central Park. First consideration is where precisely? I'll do some recognizance work this week. Where to advertise is the next consideration.

I love how this "POWERS" stone is lined up with the Empire State Building

Thursday, June 13, 2013


Shaggy w/ Mr. Vegas at free show in Bed-Stuy at Herbert Von King Park. Booty shakin heaven! Only fair skinned fellow amid a sea of undulating black and tan beauties going at it even harder than me. My people! (I must be an albino.)

What a perfect way to celebrate my 65th dance.

Before the show comes to a close I get a call from Jamaica and Irie, my nieces (perfectly named for this very show), who are supposed to be on their way to meet me from Manhattan. They are scared and lost and Genevieve wants me to come help, so I begin the descent back Down into the serious and safe.

But so thankful for this moment.

I'll never forget Mr. Vegas leading the whole crowd in a soulful rendition of three little birds.

During the show I get a text from Brian:

"During our darshan, Kaden stopped after she let us go and asked Amma a question. He stood by himself right in front of her. He looked at her and said, 'Amma, can you visit God?' She giggled, tickled his nose and said, 'you are my God, you just don't realize it yet.' Then he leaned into her and she scooped him up again. Super duper sweet moment. Just filled me up."

I tell Jeremy this story and Jeremy's question is what would that do to 7 year old?

Give them power tempered with wisdom.

I remember Grandma making me king for a day when I was Kaden's age, 7 yrs old, and my first thought was don't abuse my power!

But I still got a banana split out of it.

Dude gets arrested outside a bodega. Probably for shoplifting. He looked thoroughly humiliated. Felt bad for him. But you gotta learn!

crowd shots at the Herbert Von King Shaggy show

Wednesday, June 12, 2013


After beautiful last official night at the D Note, replete with a musical called Grand Central Station that ended with a chorus singing New York New York in nineteen twenties fashion (just for me, from the universe) went to Tellers in Lakewood to see Moses Walker and Joseph Barton play the perfect simple blues, and danced with Amanda Ray, Jen karnisky, Kevin McCormick, and Matthew DeGraff.

Below Ryan Chrys plays a solo set after Grand Central and sends me off with kind words that bring tears to my eyes. Thanks Ryan.


Saturday, June 8, 2013


Like some modern day Virgil, Took Dante to see They Might Be Giants at the Ogden theater. Started to dance just to get over the cake standing. Then had a red bull and started working up a sweat. That impulse turned into this, number 63. But mainly it was me at 44 taking me at 17 to a concert. I was listening to this band when I was 17. Like Book ends.

Friday, June 7, 2013


Estes park
Paul Simon's
The kind of dance you want to always have, always trying.

Today my report is like a gun.

A gun is a fancy word for a poem
Turning into a flower.

Bolaño told me so.

Finish the dance with Maya.