Monday, June 23, 2014


Picked myself up out of my own ego and dropped off somewhere closer to love.

Found Mali Music by searching new music Spotify and that was the right music. From love.

Watching an angry father pull his girl by the hand to school. How much I hated that father, hated myself for sometimes being that father. Everyday I hold onto the energy requisite. For love.

Barely a dance but moved to the music. and now it is time to give to my family.

Saturday, June 21, 2014


Dropped the fam off at hall of science in flushing and took off dancing to Brazilian funk of MC Koringa (as profiled in World Cup issue of ny times magazine). In fact this would be my World Cup dance, transporting myself to Brazil, then Ecuador, my beloved country, for a festival para to Ecuador de New York: suddenly dancing to live Ecuadorian salsa, las Voces lift me up a eso pais pura de baila. Then off to watch a game from behind the goal posts. I took a perfect World Cup foto! Gooooaaaal! Finally in a meditation garden taking it all in, this moment alone in the middle of the world amidst the unisphere.

See how the queen's unisphere is the ball about to be kicked. World Cup kismet. 

Monday, June 16, 2014


So I was just talking about how The Rhyming Palm leads to The Dreaming Palms, all night long, at Starfucks, sipping on a latte for a lot of bucks, while losing money on poetry.

See the intro. 

But better than Gold is White, anyway, listening to Lazeretto on the way home, dancing like a dead man come back to life.

Mozart was giving free lessons on the cheap side of Queens.


Dancing with my babies to Bill Withers as he unwithers on the tether of the third man record player in the basement created with the broom.

Dragon was just trying to keep it clean. But it was a dirt floor!

The best father's day west of the moor. 

And the day later in the living room in connect a cat with Nonna nonna to a distant appalachian holler. Caul was the circle dance caller.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Sudden upwind after midnight dancing home from Frank O'hara lunch poem tribute reading. Lil Wayne and I'm gone daddy to the dark star inside. Spinning around to catch the cool breeze in the heat of the moment, rising up like Hart Crane's bridge, like Truck Darling's severed breasts, glacial whizz on linen paper aeroplane.

Been awhile since I flew like that. 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


6/7 terrasonic show provided the soundtrack. Calvary cemetery the setting.
The squirrels chasing each other, bounding between the graves the inspiration. Squirrels Playing I'm the morning!

On way back passed an old Asian man with a tshirt that said MEH. And then a young Filipino girl w/ a tshirt that said, COOL STORY, BRO!


Urban flower.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Deeply meditative walk/dance after reading Wordsworth and Romantics this morning. 

Taking prompt from an REM song and Facing north at intersection, thinking about direction wondering why I haven't before. If wishes were trees, then trees would be falling.

Cemetery closed. Come back early and go into rounds of sun salutations.


Started the morning by reading Dodie Bellamy's "TV Sutras". It set my body abuzz with energy and imagery, thoughts and feelings aswirl. Could hardly wait to burn off that energy dancing. 

And such a beautiful spring morning. Incredible music thanks to 99 & Barry on KGNU, 5/30/14 show. 

Feeling some upset over recent submission rejection which I countered by remembering many amazing successes. And then shutting up!