Thursday, July 31, 2014


Signs signs everywhere signs. On the way home from a decent dance in the bone yard, wondering about starting a petition for a world-wide ceasefire every year on Gandhi's birthday Oct. 2. wondering if it would get any traction, on the fence. Them passed a young Latino girl wearing a t-shirt with the Nike Logo. "Just Do It". Yes, one signature at a time.
With a goal of one billion.

Thanks to Terrasonic for the soundtrack this morning, the 7/19/14 show.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Made up for tepid temerity of this morning's dance. yo, Ginsberg fired me up with will Shakespeare and then Will Yackulic and Ed Berrigan calling themselves coca cola Ebola played with a slew of great bands at death By Audio 15 minute drive from Queens into Brooklyn. . All psychedelic and of their own kind. But one band Shade, got me dancing as hard as I could, considering it was Williamsburg and I had to keep it cool. 

the midnight special is shining it's ever loving light on me. Which just came on the radio 12:12 in the crown Victoria.

st. James infirmary next. A molecule is just a molecule.

Thank you Death To Audio for being a perfect venue.

Waves crashing over the doorway. Fiorini holding them back.


Some days are too bare to count, but still I got up early and went out into the prose scouring for some poesy. "You Ugly" I found. 

Then off to the YMCA (always with the disco chant behind it) to tour and find out about rates. I need to pump up my cardio and I remember how an elliptical can help get you there. Apparently I need the help. 

Listened to 99 & Barry's recent show which also helps. An especially fine show! 7/25/14. 

I write this later in the day after having listened to Allen Ginberg lecturing on The Tempest. A super close and illuminating reading. So my Day made its way to poetry after all. 

And again the devil's haircut in Beck's mind

Friday, July 25, 2014


With Gen, Ed Berrigan and Jessica Fiorini at Prospect Park to see Neutral Milk Hotel. Tickets a gift from Brice Hobbs. There were lightning bugs. For a moment the momentum was rising, the rain was coming, then the lightning. I was dancing up a storm.  I was looking forward to Mangum's songs matching the weather and vice versa. But the venue called the show. Boo. We went to a bar until G got a tweet that the show was back on. We made it back for the last song. 

Went back to Ed and Jess' place after the show. Ed showed me this fan collage in his office by his mother Alice Notley.  

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Got up and posted this dream on FB

So naturally I listened to Sun Ra as I danced through the graveyard. Made it weird, but good. At one point it felt like voices were shouting at me from the graves.

I noticed the preponderance of Jesuses pointing to their own exposed hearts. And I thought they were beautiful and apt, the heart being such a genius organ.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Haven't danced for a few weeks. Feels like longer.  Low energy. Troughing. But pushed myself out this morning. Such a bare little dance, but something!

 I'll try again tomorrow. 

In the meantime I read 2 great books, so not devoid of all extracurricular life: Liz Gilbert's Signature of All Things and Nicholson Baker's Traveling Sprinkler (with a dancing protagonist.)

The frog prince with the golden ball, found in Sunnyside on the way to the graveyard. Frog taken semi-seriously.