Thursday, November 10, 2016


This morning I listened to the band recommended to me a few days ago by the couple I met in the cemetary. Blockstop. It was great to dance to, jazzy hip hop with politically motivated lyrics.

Just Be Just

Be yourself, be clean,
be kind, be beautiful
be practical, creative, logical,
open and original,
be conscious, be aware,
sensitive, be sensible,
sensual, sentimental,
take care of yourself
and know your body,
know your mind,
know where you’re going
mostly all of the time,
be responsible, responsive,
reach for autonomy and
realize your dreams, be healthy,
helpful, hopeful, not doubtful,
be safe, be courageous,
don’t fear death,
it’s just a transition,
don’t get rattled,
complete your mission,
serve yourself,
take the road less travelled,
look inside for answers
but ask others if you must
and just be just.

Open your mind.
Feel the presence of light
shines at the right time.

Be a child of the universe,
be at peace with God,
be godly, be good,
be holy, life’s unfolding
as it should
be a doer, a generator, practice,
be persistent, embrace difference,
honor your own existence
cause it can only serve
to enhance your aura,
karma, prahna,
build your home, keep it clean,
warm and welcoming,
speak to strangers
and welcome them,
even just to say hello,
know no one’s above you,
no one is below you,
they don’t know you,
you don’t know them,
make whoever you can a friend
unless they got bad energy,
then just let it be
meditate, drink V8,
lose weight, shoot straight,
don’t lie to loved ones,
just love them and just be just.

Open your mind.
Feel the presence of light
shining on time.

Open your heart,
let it guide your life.
You’ll see love is ours.

    This beauty can be seen inside the unknown dancer's mausoleum:

    This can be seen flying above the cemetery at just that moment:

Wednesday, November 9, 2016


Woke up in shock with the rest of the sane world this morning at the election of Trump. Genevieve in tears. Such a serious set back.  Ugh.

But walking the girls to school, some hope:

"Girls, did you hear that Hillary lost last night?"

Sofia says, "Who won?"


Long pause...

"Well, when I grow up I guess I will become the first woman president."

That's our girl. Tears came to my eyes and I high fived her.

"Why do you like that so much?" she asked.

Because it is optimistic.

"What is optimistic mean?" asked Lucia.

So I explained the difference between optimism and pessimism. Seemed so apt!

After walking them to school I meditated, which helped enormously. And then I danced. A powerful one two combo.

My upstairs neighbor asked, "Random question...nt sure if you're home. Im' noticing the floor and windows are shaking. Any ideas why?"

"I'm dancing. I can try in basement though."

"Ha, no big deal. Sounds like fun."

"Yeah a good way to shake the blues." 

Joel Davis' Terrasonic show from Nov. 5 gave me the soundtrack for a great dance, which hit a full on beautiful pitch by the time he got to the DJ Nu-Mark track 45 minutes in.

Thursday, November 3, 2016


    typical of the clever halloween decorations in my neighborhood

I got a new iPhone 7+. Was excited to have good picture taking capability again, but alas, found out this morning that the Blogger iPhone app no longer exists. I never thought I'd have this problem with Google. I'm assuming it has something to do with Apple/Google proprietary rights. Anyway, lame.

Today put on an African mixtape, from Spotify, and headed to the Cemetery. Haven't been there in awhile. I was thinking about the idea of putting dances up on youtube, as a way to document them, so I set up a video camera on a grave and began to dance. 

This couple came by and asked what I was listening to. Uh, Snoop Lion, Snoop Dog's reggae self, his song fruit juice. 

The man, Jeff, told me about French political rap music he thought I would like (?) called Blockstop. I told him I'd check it out. Then he told me he was in NYC's Labor Chorus and they were having a concert at NYU on  November 12th, and that I should come. And that they needed baritone singers too if I was interested. Apparently they sing choral labor movement music? Hard to fathom, but I'm definitely intrigued. 

Nice to meet some neighbors while I was I was out dancing.

Oh and they said they liked my moves, thought I was a professional dancer! That's what I needed to hear today. Feeling old and lame otherwise. 

Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Devendra's last album Mala. Love to dance to a full album, to be in the hands of a good artist. Getting sweaty in the living room while sick Lucia watches Super Why.