Wednesday, January 30, 2013

2nd Dance


Dancing on the St. Mary's football stadium on the mount, dancing in the field on the 50 yard line, being watched by security closely. Leaving the field. It was THE dance floor. Dance floor no more. Sad face. Happy face dancing down the stairs of St. Mary's, toward the mighty Hudson. Soundtrack Little Richard's Pandora station.

Switch to the essential Little Richard Spotify. Get escorted out of St. Mary's. Security was ahead of me, then pulls up and stops side of the road. I jogged by briefly considering turning around, snapping the photo for this blog. 
Cool game: try to stick hands in between fence posts spaced 4 inches apart as you're dancing down the sidewalk, to the beat.

Swing from tree branch running downhill on sidewalk, execute with a half twist facing backwards toward a car coming toward me, go into Tebow, just kidding about the Tebow part.

To "Good Golly Miss Molly" live.

Entertaining the idea of getting in shape by eating very well. 

Entertain the idea of a hard ninja fashion.

Start every day singing like a bird takes you beyond. -Tina Turner

Dance #1


Dance floor is 6th green on a siri miri day (as they say)
it's a dreary Newburgh day! 

Video of trees surrounding dance floor leading up to edge of cliff and over cliff crystal laden leaves of grass like the fur of a docile beast asleep beneath the hill. In trees are found dance videos slowed down to nature speed, a mountain range, something unstoppable set into motion.

Museo invocatus
Today Paul Simon's Surprise

Girls napping. 

And the king spares the life of the dancer for another day!

It is the most wonderful, sahib.

What is, Scheherazade?

To be in front of 1000 more dances w you!