Thursday, May 23, 2013


Started out with Shabazz Palaces, because David Bailey called them out on Facebook for raising the game. It was okay, but didn't lift me up where I belong. Then I listened to the Disco Pusher mix tape made by David Sisco and David Greenberg. David Sisco recorded Melissa and I on 37th and 5th night before last, our Meditations In An Emergency. It was there that he gave me the mix via soundcloud. And David Greenberg was a protege of Allen Ginsberg's. (Just a few away from Whitman!) It was very disco pretty good. Dancing Through the graveyard. Trying to Break a sweat. Trying to Break through the other side.a

A young Italian Fencer, very dashing.

This reminds me of John Coletti's "Mum Halo"

I love how this man's image is slowly withdrawing into the white alabaster.


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