Sunday, May 19, 2013


may 9

Having Serindipity with Talib Kweli. Just as I am worrying about the not of living in New York City, he says tying knot and I am tying the knot simultaneously on my jacket around my waist. Three way Serindipity knot.

Just as Tallyrand says I am loving this track I am running around a local track in a park for the first time exploring Sunnyside. Just as Khalid mentions of flour I am looking at a flower. Three-way freeway.

Turn up Amazing dance through Queens Cemetery. Huge place. Thinking about Karen Weiser's Facebook post yesterday. She said her therapist suggested faith in self as an antidote to guilt. Then she asked what we thought. So I have been thinking about it. Dancing among thousands of dead folk. Especially mostly Catholic dead folk, I could feel the guilt buried in the ground. I could feel it raising from the dead like radiation decay. I didn't feel it at all myself. I was recently talking to my mother-in-law said pretty young death was good because it was less ways to offend God. This was possibly one of the most horrible things I've ever heard. Even though she is an amazing lady full of love. I told her I just trusted God, I just trusted the process of being alive and that mistakes would be made. But that would be great. Or maybe no mistakes, like a tree in the cemetery.

Omg The cemetery is the best chance for ever. Meditation dance. Feel so privileged. Love.

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