Sunday, November 2, 2014


Epic sunset dance in the Sunnyside cemetery. 99 & Barry had an amazing set on the 10/24/14 "afternoon sound alternative" on If you are reading this then look it up and do yourself a favor. Give your self some flavor.

At one point  I was on the cemetery dance floor, moving to the music in the ecstatic wind-blown flow, and I struck the sophisticated poses of the parti-colored trees all around me. One tall tree even became my lover.


I thought about my responsibility to stand up for life, I thought about spray painting  "My God, we are the barbarians" on a wall on Wall Street.

Deep ending with yoga to "meditations in an emergency" by mama's little helper,  that's us.

    Spying Angels

    Dead leaves on the dirty ground

    Angel looking over Freedom Tower

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  1. Leaves and angels watching over and under you as you dance. Lovely!