Friday, September 25, 2015


I heard some difficult news from my brother. Earlier this month he recommended a certain version of Peggy oh, by the Grateful Dead. I was just thinking today I should listen to it. Then our old basis Jax texted jeremy a question, we have a play that song together? Jeremy told him he had just recommended that song to me. Jackson said I must be on the slow children van with. So to deal with the emotion I went downstairs and danced to the music. It was cathartic and great in the best way.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Tomatoes off vine

Leaf drawing


A friend told me that I was nobody was better than me at finding the synchronicity in life, the fantasy in the quotidian. But it's more than just fantasy. Today I took Sofia to a secret Garden, I was just using my "imagination" and merely meant the cemetery, but once we got there we found a hidden real secret garden full of ripe tomatoes. Ate them off the vine. 

At one point on the ride there, we were looking at a clown poster. While she was distracted I picked up a pair of clown glasses that just happened to be on the ground. I told her there was more than one kind of magic. She said there were hundreds. I said yes, but two different kinds that I knew of. The kind that relied on distraction and the kind that was real. When she was looking at the clown poster she was distracted and so I picked up the clown glasses and put them on. That was a trick. But the fact that the universe happened to "randomly" put the funny glasses next to the clown poster, that was real magic.

We danced in the cemetery to the new Keith Richards album and Bob Dylan live.

Also in secret garden:
We Climbed dirt hill into flower patch. Played ball against the wall. Climbed the stones of the wall.  Colored. Made leaf wing pictures. Made left hand drawings. Played baseball. Napped. 

Sunday, September 13, 2015


Got caught up in the auto dance seeing Thee Oh Sees
with Tyler Burba at The Bowery Ballroom. Felt good, like clearing sinuses. But even better was drinks with Anselm Berrigan before hand, where he recounted the secret history of his incredible parents and then gave us his terrific new book. 

Tyler going through Portal