Friday, May 31, 2013


Did not want to go to the cemetery this morning felt like down Trenton fog. Forced myself. put on African dance beat vol.2, Found on Spotify. Very uplifting compilation. Amazing to feel combined depressants call me down while the body up in the sun.

Squirrels have been looking at me funny angry eyes.

I no longer leap off things like I did just a few years ago, maybe the cemetery reminds me too much. It's like I am in a race against time, is just being inside Of time. It is about keeping outside of Time. Also contributing. Somehow I don't feel like I am contributing enough. Just my story? "When I consider how my light is spent."

When I mentioned being a puppet, that wasn't the best metaphor. When You are inside music, It's quite hot inside music, Then you have freedom paradoxically.

Anyway, grateful for a few moments of joy this morning. I seem to be struggling. Caution, work ahead.

When this man passes me he smiled and said: hallelujah


Kgnu live (4am Colorado time) followed by African DJ mix on Soundcloud (from Kenya). Took a good half hour to start feeling the music, then a few good songs then phone died. But still got there. Saw people in cemetery this morning and it felt invasive!

Also reflecting on how music moves me like a puppet, about how I'm a puppet. Albeit one who can choose his own puppeteer.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Tried to start with a set by my old friend DJ Chonz, but hip-hop posturing wasn't lifting me out of the fog. Which was both literal and figurative. So then I went back to the beautiful set I tried yesterday by Trujillo, but no go. I needed, I thought, some voodoo. So I went to Jack White, Blunderbuss. This did pull me most of the way out. Sometimes you gotta thrash your way out!

I love these hidden stained glass windows in the back of the vaults.

Amazing to see this Beth looking so alive in her wedding dress...

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Little glimpses of dance this memorial weekend in Connecticut. With Sofia and Gen's parents to Cindi Lauper DVD 12 deadly guns. Then with Rezzy, on the lawn leading to the lake, to Amadou and Miriam.

But no full on dance until this Tuesday morning in the cemetery. I did a soundcloud DJ mix search until I found something that seemed promising. And it turned out to be phenomenal. Starting with just lifting me above the ground and then skipping on marshmallows in low gravity.

It was "Trujillo's mix August 2012" Soundcloud.

I want to ask everyone "Did you remember to dance on your last day on earth? Since every day was your last day. Since every day deserves one amazing perfect beautiful dances.

Thanks Trujillo, Whoever you are. Before you were random, nothing but a number. But now in the music I know you a little. Some lives are too good not to keep.

"Ask The Nightstand" is the name of the book that came to me through the music. Also "dedicated to you, my lost other, lost in the stacks and found here"

Saw a face in the profile of this gravestone

Friday, May 24, 2013


My friend Joel Davis goes by the DJ name Terrasonic. He is one of my favorites, spinning world music. A magic carpet ride around the world.

I found a mix of his on Soundcloud and that was my superfine dance music this morning.

This morning thinking about the bright colors against the gray marble, the flowers against the gravestones.


I love that nobody has taken the dollar.

Silver bulb

Thursday, May 23, 2013


Started out with Shabazz Palaces, because David Bailey called them out on Facebook for raising the game. It was okay, but didn't lift me up where I belong. Then I listened to the Disco Pusher mix tape made by David Sisco and David Greenberg. David Sisco recorded Melissa and I on 37th and 5th night before last, our Meditations In An Emergency. It was there that he gave me the mix via soundcloud. And David Greenberg was a protege of Allen Ginsberg's. (Just a few away from Whitman!) It was very disco pretty good. Dancing Through the graveyard. Trying to Break a sweat. Trying to Break through the other side.a

A young Italian Fencer, very dashing.

This reminds me of John Coletti's "Mum Halo"

I love how this man's image is slowly withdrawing into the white alabaster.


Monday, May 20, 2013


Trawling the net for a good dance mix this morning I came across

Yes, because

I live with a lover who sleeps on the edge of anger. What to do?

Your home is where your dance floor is. Get thee to a dance floor.

Sunday, May 19, 2013



Nu-mark Spotify. Standout Oya Indebure. 

How every morning I want to get there, greatness, have it all, love boat, exiting and new. On the other days, like today, I am just lucky to step inside the dance. Certainly the older I get the more difficult it is to fly. But I keep testing my wings to keep it them as sharp as possible. Terrible Metaphor.

One squirrel this morning faced me down and talking my attack. Then saw a black score. Black squirrel graveyard. Beautiful, natural. ominous if another wonderful metaphor. Subtract the metaphor and you have a beautiful black squirrel.

found these four foreigner four albums at a garage sale for a buck each. Bought them and left them on sidewalk as an installation.

Our lady of Calvary Cemetery, Queens


99 & Barry show from KGNU 4/12/13 (archived on kgnu)

Paco clavel and German Kopini
Family Atlantica Cumba
Grupo Fantastica

Music is short cut to Orpheus.

Many layers of fears and expectations broken. Siddharta.

"U gotta feed them til they're clean
And tell your friends you are not afraid of them"

Saw the most beautiful brown and tan pigeon with an iridescent pink band around her neck 
this morning. I can't believe you people called them rats with wings. I can't even believe rats get that bad of a rap. Each pigeon is so uniquely beautiful.

I feel so fortunate to find 99 and Barry online, and to find cemetery back open!

It was closed long enough for me to be able to fully appreciate having a place to really let go. Not to mention the ensuing death meditation.

Also thinking about how the random, the greatest pay off the surprise, to make life beautiful and interesting. This is one reason why I love the radio. DJs. The right DJ can lead you astray.

But mostly thinking about the layers of fears and desires and how to cut through them so crystal lake is clear.

Also smiling. It can be surprisingly difficult.



Started King Day, get up. Dide. UnTensing the wasteland to Astoria.
Made it to Astoria heights playground. My knees hit the concrete.

Ended with rarities from the doors.



The cemetery was closed this morning. Imagine me, trying to get into a cemetery. Period Phobus sobering day was Chris Sharp yesterday. I realize pushing against everything. Bittercress better art better professionalism their brains but her body. Which makes me want to shut up and dance. Hot Chip from about Last year. Inside Our heads. And that is the game to get outside of my head. They is.


May 10

Back at the cemetery. Dancing with the dead. Dead on my dance partners. My mind makes that mean so many things. One thing that makes my mind mean is joint pain. I wonder if I will make it to 1000 and one dances? Certainly my dances or click Rodarte Karma is not the way they were a few years ago, jumping off boulders doing flips.

Also in the graveyard I think about the Arabian nights, all the violence that Matthew suggested I include in this account. All of those deaths that I had once or a lot.

And to dance with the cost some stuff Sakina Buckland to Chante Chante Chante chance a prayer for peace. My patience was tested all day yesterday and I failed. Today I will not.


may 9

Having Serindipity with Talib Kweli. Just as I am worrying about the not of living in New York City, he says tying knot and I am tying the knot simultaneously on my jacket around my waist. Three way Serindipity knot.

Just as Tallyrand says I am loving this track I am running around a local track in a park for the first time exploring Sunnyside. Just as Khalid mentions of flour I am looking at a flower. Three-way freeway.

Turn up Amazing dance through Queens Cemetery. Huge place. Thinking about Karen Weiser's Facebook post yesterday. She said her therapist suggested faith in self as an antidote to guilt. Then she asked what we thought. So I have been thinking about it. Dancing among thousands of dead folk. Especially mostly Catholic dead folk, I could feel the guilt buried in the ground. I could feel it raising from the dead like radiation decay. I didn't feel it at all myself. I was recently talking to my mother-in-law said pretty young death was good because it was less ways to offend God. This was possibly one of the most horrible things I've ever heard. Even though she is an amazing lady full of love. I told her I just trusted God, I just trusted the process of being alive and that mistakes would be made. But that would be great. Or maybe no mistakes, like a tree in the cemetery.

Omg The cemetery is the best chance for ever. Meditation dance. Feel so privileged. Love.


Sunnyside Queens. Just moved into the neighborhood. Searched on Spotify for new music and found Talib Kweli. The new album is so good. Perfect medicine for this new grimy New York feeling. And so are the flowers of Sunnyside. I take 1000 pictures of flowers I dance. Reading the curious incident of the dog in the nighttime right now and I feel the influence as I dance. You can smell the diesel here. And you can almost smell the flowers. You have to get your face right in them. Welcome back to your life.


Dance in the 200 year old kitchen of the George mansion on 411 Downing way in Balmville. 4/24

With Damon Marley and job of Lee Scratch Perry. Pureblood 10 on scale of all the way there.

No sweat, but pure bliss.
Happy Birthday, Kai!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          


Sofia's birthday and happy ganja day, so always a good day for me.
LOL not much of a dance. Hard to call it number 44. But I did go off road and see a cemetery from the early 1800s for the Butterworth family and a further off road startled a group of Whitetail deer and wild turkeys. So that was cool.

Okay so we will count yesterday's dance is half over there and today I had the other half on some weird private residence off Albany Post Road, I stumbled in over some low fence. First I thought it was a park but then as I went up the hill I realized it was a private residence. But it made a perfect dance floor, I washed my shadow dance ecstatically to King Sunny Day, helped by the coffee on Bank Street in Beacon, and the space cake from brother D. And the sun. Plus the art at the gallery and bacon was inspiring. Andrea something finishing stamps. Plus the glass of wine I had there. Synergy!

Thursday, May 16, 2013


April 18

Dancing to snoop again, this time in Stewart State Forest, and a solitary field bigger than a football field. I heard there was still hunting in this forest but it just so happens I am wearing the orange flannel Diandra gave to me, so I'm safe. And I worry about ticks this part of the world and snoop says text talk. And I worry about hunters and snoop says Buck one buck to buck 3.

Line Them up. Red shotgun shells on the ground yellow shotgun shells on the ground.

Walk through the forest, old rock Road. I feel like his abandoned, like a warehouse. But at some point, and now having switch to King Sunny how day, that old standby, a bicyclist and a yellow sleek yuppie Rain jacket. I can only imagine what he makes of me. I see myself from a distance, orange flannel drooped around my waist like a skirts, bright blue absolute Colorado T-shirt, in old New York forest. Shimmy and shake through the trees like a snake.

Resolved to get this blog off the ground as part of my other blog, one piece of art a month. The art for this month is the 1001 dances blog.


April 17

Dance and Balmville to get for you or tacos for George's. Around the golf course instead of through as I wanted to. Respect for the in-laws. And then a long ancient residential road the back way. Last Hideaway, to the shopping aisles with equipment, ha ha. Whitman!

On the way back hopping down Chestnut, a school bus pulls right in front of me and stops, out gets an extremely beautiful girl maybe 16, long brown hair lifting in the wind, Persian eye.  She was getting outs of the bus just as I was about to pass by. I can either stop which I will not do or I can do a brilliant spontaneous dance move to the right through her yard leaping from rock to rock in the most spectacular fashion. It was the perfect show off moment, ha ha. Listening to snoop fellow snoop a fella. Channel magic. Played the universe like a DJ.q  Oh yeah, 44!

And for the coup de grace, when I got her there was the same girl on the front page of the local newspaper throwing a baseball. She's a picture for the local baseball team!


April 15

In a few weeks since I've been able to dance, with the move and looking for a house in New York, et cetera. Looks like the search is over. Hello Sunnyside Queens.

So it feels like being a whore slut out of the gates dancing up to the top of Boneville. To the blue fat Watertower, who was my obliging dance partner.

The soundtrack was the new kid see UTI indicud, a downer and upper at once. But for moments at a time in the dance. Laughed at by a fat construction worker near St. Mary's. Laughing with his friend. I try to see him as my beloved, he is laughing I knew.

The dance between self-conscious and superconscious. MetLife.

I like all the sudden how the translator turns all of this into a bill help you owe him oh text.

Barely legible!

Give it upbeat and forget the words.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Missed documenting the last dance so it doesn't count here. We will call it the lost dance.

Today dancing like a Native American in the flatirons while listening to Native African music King Sunny Ade. Tried to start with new lil Wayne but that boy ain't ready. So switched to a wiser elder. Took some beautiful shots savoring time in mountains. IN the mountain.


March 18 
There is a dancer staying with us, Brigid, so I am thinking now about dance from her tribal fusion belly dance point of view. Danced at the rec center again two African feats Africans dance beats again, and Oumar Koita  "furu ka soro" is once again the standout. But it is all good. 
Thinking this time about the stress in my mind out enters my body and how when I dance I get into my body out of my mind and release the stress is entered my body. It is a good way to meditate and get out of your own way. Not to mention the endorphins that kick in, the serotonin. And the music lifts the spirits as well. It is a true place within which to touch Bliss.


March 16

Incredible dance to the B-52 tribute band hey lady! Probably one of the last great dances I will have at the D for which I am incredibly grateful and a very appropriate one perfect in fact for dance number 40. B-52s are just an inestimably great band. To be able to have your own dance floor with a lot of pretty girls and boys dancing your ass off is just chilling joy.


March 15 
Even though there was no sweat, I did touch the muse while dancing to Gypsy Moon at the D note.


February 14

Beautiful day in the Flat-Irons trying to soak up as much as I can before we move to New York. The sun was hot in a T-shirt in the middle of February but was still able to eat some snow once I got up into the mountains, the perfect refreshment. Tried to dance to the new Nas album. No go. Then the new Frank Ocean. Good album, but no go. Then Daphne DHP H and I something or other, a recommendation from Rolling Stones top 20 dance albums 2012. No go. Finally I found a beautiful compilation of African dance music on Spotify, African dance beats. The standout track was quite Koita . And my next. Mitigated. And my day was. Made. Met!


Started this morning listening to my favorite DJ 99 and Barry. It is wonderful that because of the Internet I can still listen to them when I am in New York! They started off with a 20 minute Fela Kuti song which was an amazing dance meditation following data in between the beats FELa space KUT I. Then switched to Elvis rockers and got in to the voodoo Elvis groove. Still not anything better to dance to.



I danced to the disco next I made for Genevieve's 70s themed birthday party at the South Walnut last Saturday night. I was excited about mix, but it was mostly just background music at the party, so it was nice to be able to dance to what I made. Jurgella Maroda is the man. 22 hey beat beat. Yes. Get your back up off the wall. Get down on it. Yes.
Also have the eye deer of bringing Giorgio Moroder together with Timbaland for a collaboration for the ultimate in Dancey dance.


Starter with the new Jim James, is that just give me some moments of joy, quickly got boring and so now I switch to Jonathan Richman. 33 March date. Too long of a break between dances, but sometimes life sweeps you away. This morning woke up and danced to myself. Then what did I listen to, I can't remember yes the king sunny day. It was only three quarters of a good dance. But tonight at the Dino had a pretty good quarter of the dance to the band blind child. Thank you 35.


March 1

Began with some grounding yoga. I needed it because my mind has been depressed, my body. Maybe because I have not danced all week. The yoga was extra powerful because I read a passage from Richard Freeman's book, the mirror of yoga, about the grounding of the breath in the premium like the roots of the tree, and the prana resting in the heart sprouting upward like the leaves of a tree.

I put on the new atoms for peace record and danced jerk early to the jerky music. Then maggot brain by funkadelic. Maggot brain is all about rising out from the maggots but it inherited the earth, and it felt right for how I was feeling. I found myself Punching at myself in the mirror, a perfect metaphor for what happens when we get angry. And then remembered take not Han saying that we should hold our angry cells and I began to dance holding myself in a loving embrace and it was powerful healing. This was a new kind of dance for me.


February 25

I missed the African band Bouleau. But my brother needed some comfort swordsmiths and I talking with him instead. Yeah. Boo.

So now I am dancing for the birds.

Just set a new goal in my head.

Hundred thousand strong dance party down the streets of New York Times Square.

Even 10,000 would feel worthwhile. You thousand and one. Maybe as a way to thousand one disco nights. Build til it was critical dance. But why not shoot for hundred thousand New Yorkers but doesn't seem like an impossible task. Just when I had a thought on the magical night in Boulder Colorado. Under a full moon. It's an audience of hundred Canadian geese on the shore of the lake and watching you dance. The fireworks went off over the hill. Completely weird in Boulder and unexpected. Seemingly it was a universal celebration for this dance. And a stamp of approval to the idea of a dance party a hundred thousand strong.

#10,000 is a good number because if 10,000 people transfer one hour it would equal MacWorld Malcolm Gladwell's 10,000 hours of time do you Tenasserim anything except for you hire 10,000 people on turnpike 10,000 people to do that are with you.

Ideas for side, the Siri music I just dance to could not be better. Full moon rising into a Maxwell next field Parrish blue sky glazed in the Dutch style. Snows on the Pines.
At one point look up and see the mountains in the glow of the moonlight and shocked at the beauty and majesty of the scene and begin the band of the shore concave elite toward the high school on the hill lined with geese, assuming Canadian geese. At one point look out and see that I have an audience, wonder what they think of my style. Can they tell I'm having fun? I bet they can. The water must be near freezing but as these are Canadian geese they've obviously evolved to take it.

Wow, will be hard to top this dance, but I believe it is a taste of things to come in New York. The fireworks were real. So where the geese. So was the moon. So was my dance. Holy chi!



space I meant this morning to put on Plumed Giants which was the opening band for Kishi Bashi then we missed. How is dancing to this long noise instrumental, really getting lost in the flow and intricacies of it, thinking that we had really missed a fantastic opening band on Tuesday night. But at the end of the dance I looked down and saw that I was listening to an album called Plume by a band called Giant Brain on Spotify a mixup. Magic morning magic Giant Brain appears to be a German outfit, but I will have to look up and find out more about them.

And there is a 12 piece African dance band at the D note tonight so I my day should be book-ended with ecstatic dance.


19th at the bluebird theater. I didn't dance hard but I dance floor in the music to Kishi.Bashi. I lead the stomp. Matthew broke the balloon. Incredible show and testing Valentines gift from Genevieve. Plus Jeremy's cookie put me ALL THE WAY through to the other side.

Monday, May 13, 2013


February 18 
At the Wreck Center a little later than normal so there were triangles a brilliant like glaring off the floor dance through like portals. Listened to Melissa Ivey and myself will play go tell your mother in front of the library in Arvada while I warmed up with yoga.

Then being still on the dead weather kick I listen to the 2010 release see if cowards. Those guys have the best voodoo of any band and the last decade, not just the jack white sideband. Voodoo is makes for ecstatic leaps and bounds.

Monday ain't got nothing on me.


February 15 
I love beginning my dance Dargantz studio and then the light comes strewing to the window and slanted rectangles slowly as I warming up my body.*
Dancing to King sunny day Pandora station. King Sunny day really is the king. I have listened to a lot of African music and he may be my favorite.*

Thinking this morning about the line dance like nobody is watching. Which is a great quote because so many people are so self-conscious including myself though I am at two on the scale of 10. However correlate is when you're alone dance like everybody is watching you. In other words keep the dance interesting, and it's not an ego thing, more that you want to entertain you have her responsibility to other, even if that other is only your cell phone. Ha ha Your self

But actually if the music is interesting and you are following the music as closely as possible with your body not even with your mind but with your body, then the dance will of its own accord be interesting to other.

 Tonight is the 10th anniversary of the D note and also goodbye to the DeGraffs. While young and the evening and thus I will have it to dance day. See you then!

Justin Mayes com


You need to Rex Center for yoga class Siri outside so I got on the elliptical and two second run through of the Dead Weathers Horehound you want Kroegel this time when the great records I would even say posit.
The elliptical is a pretty fun dance actually because it forces you to be super minimum so your movements are very subtle. But because you are cruising you can still get Weygand is music


Hey minutes of dancing on Saturday night to the Broken Everlys, not long enough to call a full dance. However, the dancer was fully lost in the dance, so sure. But this morning dancing to Dead Weather, a suggestion from Matthew, an amazing experience! Their first album Horehound. Voodoo through and through. Attend. A 10.


Feb 8 2013

Wonderlic Appaloosa, yep🚥🚦

Dance sit on dance

Dance from 10 to 11 PM from 11 to 1145 and then got up and just captain of the sea, cowboy last cowboy, and 20 oh. Which was like having fish back you up. Then some crazy dancing with Sandra Bullock's little sister Megan. And that is how you 224. Thanks Wonderlic. Thanks Appaloosa.

Saturday, May 11, 2013


February 7, 2013 

I used intune radio to listen to African FM. It was 2 o'clock their time when I started listening that's 2 PM I'm assuming, not 2 AM. 7 PM my time. So they were playing some great 2 o'clock in the afternoon dance music mix of African, American hip-hop, and other world influences. Except for the annoying African style in your face reverb-echo commercials, it was an amazing set to dance to. I heard the lines and one of the songs, hip-hop song I didn't recognize, "her brains are in her body". Yes.



This is a double dance day, always a good day. Including a magical walk in the woods between the two dances with my daughters.

The late dance was to Mono Verde at the D Notes great music, dancing while Rome burns. The new owners already not popular with the staff. They are all sad to see us go.
Bad vibe in the room, but not with me, I am dancing to a 10 piece worldbeat reggae band Representing nine countries that I booked myself in the club that I built with my brothers. So many amazing dances here, so many great friends. Exquisite.



Hey honeydews this morning to stellata to Jeremy and I in the deep new basement to rousing rendition of Rama Krishna then my own version of green just record the release man OutKast Pandora which brought some nice biz Markie. Have follow that up with King Sunny Ade. And right at the and got full into the groove body and music one. The denotes sold this morning midnight and 10 years of Verex Cool Whip X school exquisiviyie. that's a pretty wrapped up in a bow. So found myself super grateful this morning for everything especially for my brother and sister-in-law who made the dream happen. What an amazed ride.

Thank you body thank you music


Started out on the elliptical, because too colda be outside and the dance room was being used by a yoga class. 

It started off as not a dance I was reading Strad Magazine, Strad short for Stradivarius, a magazine I found on the racks at the gym. Strad is "essential reading to string music world since 1890"
There is an article in it about improvisation by Tim KLIPHIUS.
I learned a lot from the article about cadence. Then I turned on Outcast Pandora and the beat was so insistent that I could no longer read. That's when it turned in to my 22th dance.
The problem with Outcast on Pandora though is every other song is by someone like Dr. Dre or Notorious B.I.G. or someone hating. I hit three-hit songs in a row and did not like the feeling so fast forwarded to the next outcast song, "Rosa Parks".

Normally I would just put OutKast on Spotify, but baby Lussier is listening to Amma's World Bhajans at home as she sleeps and Spotify will not let you listen to two devices at once.

Reminded of a dream last night with CA Conrad, poetry and tennis.


Never say the word dance again. Just like don't use the word God. And you start off listening to your self play you can have it all and it is a spirited dance. Spirited is a spirited word. Spirit, that "r" in the middle carrying spirit across.
R in the middle. Spiii r iiit

Now what? New caravan palace for the ultimate in dxxxx

Is good but not as great as the first album 2008. Still it was good and I am grateful and sweaty. 
I tried smiling at myself in the mirror at the rec center and it felt awkward.
But it made me smile back at myself in recognition of awkward earnestness.



Graffiti tag Mt. Sofia w NY body shadow while listening to LCD Soundsystem, North American Scum. Longshadow, my body makes a Y. Take a picture, it lasts longer.

Then new ASAP rocky to dance harder.

Syrup effects in the sun.

Dance 19

Daft punk musique. Mt Sofia. Yes.
Heaven on earth. Sick people everywhere. Here pain, take this!

Dance #18

Friday, September 25

In the dusty backyard with the girls dancing to Hazel Adkins poetry poetry in motion poultry. 

Chicken walk. 

King mollified. 

Flat-irons stand the way.

Relax in the Colorado Morningsun.

And later that night at the D Note dancing too Big Universe with daughters and nieces. Beautiful. 

Dance #17

Lost in Soave no para shoes
Live NY factory blues. Cale and Reed. Holy bat duo.
Also D Note full bloom
Open my eyes D
To Reed

Driving home the velvet underground Sunday morning and I could barely focus I can't not focus maybe that's part of the play video

Dance #16

Jan 23
Love that first breath of the green muse. Writing to be respectable is about pain. It is an embarrassment to view life so full of love and happiness. That embarrassment is pain. The politics of embarrassment.

Nevermind. Yoga during the middle stretch. Then to class and move machine and LCD sound system.

I skipped the LCD and went for the first sleepy son and then 10 Pimpala at the suggestion of days outhouse. Sleepy son was good but the tame Impala reminded me of lesser flaming lips and so I put on my favorite albums last year the flaming lips amazing collaboration album The planning lips and heady friends. Wow

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Dance #15

Jan  22 2013

Dance to Mac Lamoris the Heist at the rec center good foot movement. Good tackling issues on Macklemore's part. Especially the song about his gay uncles.

Dance #14

January 21, 2013 dance number 13

I believe started off with Melissa Ivy's lipstick smudge from my porch is saved on voice messages and then enter into every little thing I want off of mind and go dancing tomorrow sounds and then outcast Pandora with some Ice Cube to start off nothing really jazzed me for 45 songs Savanna switched to Macklemore and Macklemore got me going hard. The song 10,000 hours was an inspiration lyrics here. 1001 hours of dancing.
I hope that God decides to talk through him
That the people decide to walk with him
Regardless of Pitchfork cosigns our junk Make sure the soundman doesn't cockblock the drums Let the snare knock the air right out of your lungs
And those words be the oxygen
Just breathe
Hey man, regardless I'mma say it
Felt like I got signed the day that I got an agent
Got an iTunes check, shit man I'm paying rent
About damn time that I got out of my basement
About damn time I got around the country and I hit these stages
I was made to slay them
Ten thousand hours I'm so damn close I can taste it On some Malcolm Gladwell
David Bowie meets Kanye shit
This is dedication A life lived for art is never a life wasted Ten thousand
[Hook x2]
Ten thousand hours felt like ten thousand hands
Ten thousand hands, they carry me

[Verse 2]
Now, now, now
This is my world, this is my arena
The TV told me something different I didn't believe it I stand here in front of you today all because of an idea
I could be who I wanted if I could see my potential
And I know that one day I'mma be him Put the gloves on, sparring with my ego Everyone's greatest obstacle, I beat him, celebrate that achievement Got some attachments, some baggage I'm actually working on leaving See, I observed Escher I love Basquiat I watched Keith Haring You see I studied art The greats weren't great because at birth they could paint
The greats were great cause they paint a lot
I will not be a statistic, just let me be No child left behind, that's the American scheme I make my living off of words
And do what I love for work
And got around 980 on my SATs
Take that system
What did you expect
Generation of kids choosing love over a desk Put those hours in and look at what you get
Nothing that you can hold but everything that it is
Ten thousand

dance #13

Railroad earth dancer Parlez into vid

Hyper yodal scat over mt music auctions


James bathroom movie

dance #12


Three daybreak missed you dancing. Start with Yoga to Melissa Ivey songs recorded at the D note bleeding into Shawntae and the sun salutations become complete worship complete surrender complete love. Then colli, and the pace picks up, the breath deepens, dance

Are nonbelievers and atheists simply afraid to surrender to that which animates them? Animate like breathe into like to inspire. Or don't ask themselves where their tone came from? How can you have a tongue without a tongue how can you ask if there is a tongue with your tongue?

I do know that some atheists are merely trying to free themselves from dogma.

The universe does not care whether you believe in it or not, but if you are not filled with awe and gratitude then you are missing.

Then switch to G, a and B. Sorry about courts about family. One off in the living room with Sophia shaking to cancel the blue Dragon tears her corn of the Rome.

Deep into the dance listening to myself be in the moment with the velvet underground jam with my one year-old daughter singing Genevieve, Adam and everyone.

Hyper text this. Send link to page that says all typos are for ever. Or in this case all mistranslations. Corn of the Rome is better than coining of the realm, even means the same thing! But lest crochet double!

Off to see the wiz all I need is Mary.

I told my brother Matthew about this book making. He was the one that turned me onto thousand one nights Arabian. He asked me or I mean suggested that I have some references to violence in the same way that Arabian nights has a blood bath full of it. Why? But I like the idea of fanatically Torning this with that crazy tome. Instead of violence we have the opposite of violence. Instead of fate we have choice. But let us keep the sexy young thing, and the poetry shit inspires. The primal impulse. And this she is getting good.
Shit fuck and all swearwords cuss words dirty words are multi valence this is one of the reasons why poets love them but also they wipe away at the manacle of society. Fuck this. 

Let's dance! One more wiz Khalifa song. It's nothing!

That was a perfect morning Gantz. I'm sure I could find something wrong with it, like all the sidebars maybe? But I don't want to be a fault finder all the time. We are always looking for fault.

dance #11

1/13/13 #11

Spastic pop and lock To tame Impala. Birth of a new style. Now onto the dirty projectors.

The dancing is happening between the lines. Read between lines. The words themselves I really beautiful hieroglyphics on an egg shell crafty Oak Croxie. The yolks on you.

I'm  Into myself🍜

And dance with beck, the information, because of the glory of the Sawbrier.

You should see your self nowhere

Dance #10

Then tonight at the D Note, my club in old town ARvada, we had a band called the Johnny O Band who played an infectious funk blues music. I had one of Jeremy's cookies and it started. It was half, a third of one of his gold dollar sized cookies. First I got warmed up with the gift of Beck's new book of sheet music which was a gift from my brother Matthew and then one of my favorite dance partner's came in, Jessica Skokum and suddenly I was having one of those ridiculously amazing dances with a woman that knew how to follow in the highest loosest style and then went down stairs for more Beck, tried to learn a tune. Then somebody called me, Greg the sound engineer, came downstairs and told me there was a blond that wanted me to come upstairs and dance and I thought Oh, Jessica wants me to dance with her again. Sweet. And so I went upstairs excited to dance with Jessica, only to see Laurie, another favorite dance partner, super bubbly fun woman and her friend Shelly, who was fantastic to dance with too. And it was a 10, or at least a 9.9. And it was my 10th dance walk too.
Thinking about how I am still not completely comfortable dancing in front of High Schoolers at the local cafe, but at the D Note there is no shame. Thinking abou thte line of Beck's that Matthew wrote up at the D Note as the quote of the day. You can't wash your sins out with shallow water. The D Note has deep water. David Larsen's waves are crashing into each other behind the D Note Stage, held apart only by the Currier and Ives glyph.

Dance #9

One dance, two dances. One in the morning. So the one in the morning was at the gym and it was to the White Stripes first eponymous album. I noticed this time that there was two spooky religious blues songs, John The Revelator and St. James Infirmary. Jack White is brilliant and fun to dance to. I was thinking during the song about the poem Lancelot Runge because he wrote on FB that he only had 17 good days out of the last two years. I wasn't sure about the tone of this, but it did cause me to worry. I wanted to say to him that I've had 2 good years in the last 17 days and that includes being sick. But he needs his anguish to write the poems full of duende that he writes. And Jack White also no stranger to courting pain for art's sake. Or at least turning pain into art, transforming it into something beautiful and pleasurable and authentic. That album starts with Jimmy The Exploder so it is immediately explosive. I only had 45 minutes to dance and it caused me to sprint as fast as I could in the small dance room of the Boulder Rec Center, back and forth like a caged animal, spinning with a flourish in the double mirrored corner.