Sunday, May 19, 2013


Sofia's birthday and happy ganja day, so always a good day for me.
LOL not much of a dance. Hard to call it number 44. But I did go off road and see a cemetery from the early 1800s for the Butterworth family and a further off road startled a group of Whitetail deer and wild turkeys. So that was cool.

Okay so we will count yesterday's dance is half over there and today I had the other half on some weird private residence off Albany Post Road, I stumbled in over some low fence. First I thought it was a park but then as I went up the hill I realized it was a private residence. But it made a perfect dance floor, I washed my shadow dance ecstatically to King Sunny Day, helped by the coffee on Bank Street in Beacon, and the space cake from brother D. And the sun. Plus the art at the gallery and bacon was inspiring. Andrea something finishing stamps. Plus the glass of wine I had there. Synergy!

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