Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Super fancy dance pants. 25 degrees. Invigorating. Incredible playlist by Joel Davis on, "afternoon sound alternative" 11/14/14, see playlist below.

Thinking this morning about how chromosomes aren't blueprints but living things, without parts, an interwoven relationship, a set of potential.

Then, after I got home and had breakfast with the girls, I asked them what they were grateful for (our usual ritual.) Sofia said she was "grateful that we are not models." !!!

   Local pub season decoration.
   Close up of vine knot

this rhododendron still looks beautiful. the leaves are waxy and brittle. I didn't even know this kind of floral beauty was possible in this weather.

Blandetto and postmodern jukebox are the standouts here, but brushy one string and srikala good too.

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