Sunday, November 16, 2014


A quarter of the way there, king.

These should be writ and tied up w rEd bow, put in shoebox, hidden under bed.

Last night danced in south Manhattan in the Walt to george schneeman show. And there presented with giant nude Adonis painting of Bill Berkson, could hardly speak, had to shield my eyes, my god.

And talked to Padgett awhile looking at him nude. It was his birthday that day he said. He was in his birthday suit!

Looking at ny school book w Anne Waldman. Talking shelley w colleti. Still reeling. But the dance there, to vampire weekend and then after on my way to mint dick marathon (where I sat next to Eileen myles!)

Then tonight the dance down queens blvd.

 a combo.

Beethoven and shelley together almost too much.

John Colleti in front of Schneeman's portrait of Bill Berkson

Quick step out in Queens, special local style

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