Monday, November 3, 2014


In my head I'm having a Conversation and I qualify something I'm going to say, and I realize I qualify so many things I'm bout to say and I'm wondering if I should I ask my friends if this is a problem? To find out if it's a problem? And the voice of my friend Darin Stevenson, whose thoughts I read almost every day on Facebook and can therefore seemingly summon at will, says to me "by asking that question you're qualifying yourself. Or rather any answer to that question is itself a qualification."

Point taken.

Look, a hawk! She's ratcheting herself up through the washboard clouds over Gotham in bellowing bursts, a sign of hope. The leaves of the autumn-clad trees shimmer in response.

The soundtrack is TV on The Radio covering Fela Kuti's, "Sorrow Tears & Blood".

Even the rusty girded underbelly of the 7 train looks fresh and mysterious on a morning like this. 

   Angel with tiger puppet

    RA   beloved husband

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