Monday, November 24, 2014


So tonight I danced on the way to write, just a little and then called my dad. He told me to stop all the yaya. Just like old times. 

I decided to try to write to John Coltrane, to write to the beat, to the music, but I just ended up transcribing Ashbery talking about O'Hara for my movie. And I got a headache. Wow. Now back to dancing.

I went around the tracks several times, skipping on the slick cement and I skated with friction. The music was the incomparable DJ Drez. I swooned.

Suddenly the ghost dance partners were out and about in profusion.

I had a vision for the O'Hara movie. Sinead O'Connor singing "when I was a boy" to begin the film.

    This album may cause transcendence 

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