Monday, April 29, 2013

1/2/13 #6

Dance from Ed Berrigan's web md office to moma listening to newer caravan palace to see the clock

Dancing down 49th and in my head I'm a broadway dancer in a reality show On celluloid. Perfect lead up to Marclay's celluloid masterpiece. 

I'm imagining every dancing.

The clock is even more profound and entertaining than I expected. I will be thinking about it for a long TIME. I hope to see it w my daughters someday. The start of my bucket list.  

After spending a thrilling hour and 15, from 315 to 430PM, I went to see some James Ensor illustration of a true story involving baboons burning on a chandelier. Then a surprise show of work by the quay brothers and new artists come into view. 

Then a fast dance back to grand central to freak out velvet underground alternative cuts, the perfect last dance run in ny city. Run run run run run down 5th avenue!

The best under the circumstances I could do?

I wonder if my new friend Eileen Myles would approve?

I want to film a dance down 5th avenue to VU and play it as back ground on big screen at cocktail/dance party. Make it so.

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