Monday, April 29, 2013

12/19/13 #3

Dancing up Mandingo
2 cars slow
One going thither
One coming fro

They watch me dance
To pass the Dutch
Miss demeaner
Meaner than ever
Having fun with the elements a flat top page becomes a runaway from my forearm snake as I run down on the hill. Take exit giant leap Hitch just as EMC says Joe Joe and then drop it like it's hot comes on the phone. I think of a brain fruit and run down the hill throwing it behind my back to the beach is the cars go thief meet
Beep beep. Juggle dance walk with the elements.

Around the Branford hi yeah 20 feet high over the telephone wire Ketura this aside without breaking stride to the climax of Missy and Timberland

This third dance I followed by sumptuous lunch consisting of you Chibaw to bread from New York City with Parano cheese Romain lettuce tomatoes with Sesame dressing Fritos with Quesa dip grapefruit and apple cider with cherry lime seltzer water no cranberry lime seltzer water. Because I am so famished and it is so good it tastes so good. Hard work leads to good food

Really, one of the best meals of my life. Everything taste so good. The way who went Sesame dressing Romain place in to the salty cheese and yeasty bread, the way

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