Monday, April 29, 2013

1/6/13 #7

Back in Colorado dancing behind Mount Sofia up the slope dodging the snow. Sun on my four head. Clanking glare off the snow. No sunglasses. I love how the microphone translation gave me the word clinking instead of glaring.

I'm listening to a band with the boring name the last Royals. I chose it from Spotify new releases because of the name of the album. Twisp deification. Twistificatiom. Even though it has a cliché sound, it is good and I am grateful.

Music is so common, there is so much and yet I am so grateful.

Is it boring to be grateful? Or is it a good reminder.

I am lost in good poetry, skasers, and yet my own is of the wind and snow. 

I want to leave all of the mistakes in the dance. John Cage 

There is no bad seat in the house. Adam DeGraff

Thinking about the space between cliché, familiar, understood, acceptable. And new, uncomfortable, experimental, fresh. This band bringing both together. The need To meet people halfway.

Thinking about spicers  radio. As it was brought up and Karen Weisers new book on ugly duckling, two light out. The last Royals singing it's a good day to be on the radio. And icing it to boulder arms lifted as a benediction. A good day to be on Spicer's radio
Listen inside the static of a barefoot winter waltz.

"Come dance with me on the floor that needs sweeping and then we'll start believing we are in love."

The first goal of the dance is to become part of the song. The next goal is to sweat. . To release anything from our body is ecstasy.To sweat to stay thin and hungry.

To swing the body electro.

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