Monday, April 29, 2013

1/7/13 #8

soft #8

Hard to know where this account elliptical at the gym has a dance I do get inside the music and Bluetooth pizza and sweat the only real thing I am lacking is freedom of movement. So it counts as a semi dance. But I counted. It's still staves off the king, Death.

Caravan Palace the first album was my companion this morning. It moves me and has got to dive into. Also the Colorado daily was full of fantastic articles notably one about Boulder DIY Goddess Kim Davis. She makes everything herself, went through. Of new taxidermy, making pies, now she is into macaroons. I bet she is the one who does all the yarn Bombs in the neighborhood. Also an article about a CU student who lives with indigenous people and says they are the richest people he has ever met. Obvious, but brings it home again. And another article about a see you student who is studying the way ass sounds. Ha ha that is a miss translation. I said S sounds. The way I asked sounds are what differentiates male from female and perceptive listening.

Finally the paper opens up in such a way that all I see is the giant word sweat. It gives a unique that to this dance, and makes up for lack of lateral movement. Sweat it screams, confirms.

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