Monday, April 29, 2013

1/1/13 #5

First day of the year and I am dancing in East Village instead of listening to poetry poetry in motion New Yorkers ignore me some laugh. Soundtrack is Paul Simon into Caravan Palace. Perfect New York city dance walk music. The reason it is been several days since my last dance is that I was sick. Boo.

I spent dec 28th  with Tyler in Karen's cabin playing music. Karen I told Karen about 1001 dances. She said what makes a dance? I told her she knew what a good dance meant, it was when you could not separate the dancer From the dance.

Time to dance before darkness falls and these beautiful faces are lost. Mine.

Dance into monk thrift shop first and third. Buy gifts for Berrigans for hosting me tonite. A blue scarf for Anselm
Dancing around the gyre of Tompkins square park 
Home of heros

NY about to kill me

Then poetry at the project

Now sinking into a slough 
As nico sings Dylan in the vortex
Of st marks

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