Sunday, January 18, 2015

262, 263

Friday night went out with KC Trommer and her friends. Kind of felt like I was crashing a literary version of Sex and The City. One of the woman asked if anyone liked hearing how wonderful someone else's life was. And all of the women said no, in their own way. I said I didn't mind. And then someone said that's because I was an empath. I don't think that's it. Just because I like to share when things are wonderful, but I hold back, because people are often not very happy and resent hearing about someone that is. All the women said they had miserable fathers. And exes. And they asked me how my father was and I said great, and they said, "makes sense for you." One woman said she didn't know anyone who was truly happy! I suddenly felt guilty. How ridiculous is that? And then we talked about how misery was more interesting to talk about, made a better story, and, indeed, KC told us an amazing story about eating too much spacecake and waking up at her inlaws with no pants. But New Yorkers, maybe worse than most people, like to bitch about anything. Even the weather. "The weather's disgusting." I hear that all the time. It's crazy. The weather is never disgusting.

Everyone was meeting at Sekend Sun in Astoria, which was the perfect distance from my house to have a good dance. So I danced on the way there to Chuck Berry. Then I snuck a flask into the bar, and poured it in a coke. Lame, I know, but just can't be dropping $40 on drinks all the time. 
I got a little tipsy and then had such a good time dancing on the way back to Chuck Berry again, at a whole new righeous level. He was something else.

Then tonight I went out in the rain. My back is still hurting from a pulled shoulder muscle, so my movement was very limited. But the surface of the running track at Doughboy Park in Woodside was so much fun to slide around on. And Terrasonic on KGNU, Jan 17 show, was a joy.  At one point I was in the middle of the basketball court dancing on the mid court maple leaf symbol of the park. It was a giant leaf! And I was Jack, climbing the beanstalk, stopping for a little soft shoe. I had just told the girls a story before their bedtime tonight about Jack climbing the beanstalk, and how he curled up on a leaf after getting rid of some pesky black birds, because he was so tired. And here I was on this leaf, and I imagined laying down there and going to sleep, in the nurturing, alive rain. 

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