Thursday, January 8, 2015


Ah, got my asics on and danced my heart out up Roosevelt, listening to Terrasonic's year end wrap up. World music on a world street. 

Thinking how I can magnify all of this in the future. But also reflecting on how I magnified it in the past...

Last night was the last night of salsa at the D Note. We helped start the night 12 years ago with Joseph Snowhawk and it stands as one of our proudest accomplishments. Because we were the go to place for Salsa in Denver on Sunday nights we had an international crowd that came through, some of the best dancers in the world, and I loved watching them grace the dance floor. They showed me what it meant to take living to the next the level, the fluid and efflorescent relationship that can form between dance partners when lead by music. Far more exciting than any roller-coaster, more intimate than any conversation. On the best nights, when there was 2 to 300 people dancing, it was magic. It felt like you were in a club on the beach in Ibiza, replete with a Mediterranean breeze coming through the French doors to cool down the dancers. Most of all I loved being there with Genevieve George, Jeremy Degraff, Matthew DeGraff, Adam Ferrill, Lisa Genke and the rest of the family. A real dream come true.

    Apron for mama san

    Still life on Roosevelt 

Current shoe pile

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