Tuesday, August 26, 2014


I wake up and I don't feel like going out. In my mind I am split. I know rationally that once my feet get moving I will wake up and, inevitably, probably, feel great. I just have. to. get. out. that. door.

But the present mind, the one in the moment, is not feeling anything but tired inertia. This is one of those moments where I have to circumvent the present mind.

Maybe my present mind knows better, maybe it doesn't. I'm choosing, at any rate to go OUT!

Then I go out and listen to William Onyeabor remixes and the music mixed with my legs moving begins to wake me up. I breathe in the day. Soon I am in a new present mind and it is fully alive in my body.

Now, these two squirrels chased each other around the tree. It was amazing to watch them try to fake each other out (at least I think that is what they were doing.) Is the lead-squirrel going up or down on the next pass? The follow-squirrel adjusts to the move in a lightning quick instant. These animals would make amazing Soccer goalies. Sometimes I lose track of which is following which. It seems as if they are playing, and even having fun, but hard to say for sure. Either way I would guess this is training, the way they stay quick and alive.

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