Friday, August 1, 2014


Tonight I went out to dance riding the incredible energy of Shakespeare times Mary J. Oblige. First listening all day to Allen Ginsberg world out The Tempest with a class at The Jack Keroauc Disembodied School Of Poetics, so good. And then watching Keats' favorite play Cymbeline, at the park across the street from our house in queens, done by New York actors, near the cream of the crop, by far good enough and sometimes great.

I could become addicted to being a Shakespearian actor, just to be confidently caught up that language, the rolling emotional intelligence of it.

The whole family was there, which was twice as nice. Sofia even made it until the end, pretty good for a four year old. For awhile we casting cousins in the different roles on stage.

So that was the energy I took with me to dance. I went around the track at Doughboy park. It was great to see families out at 10:30pm at night, even some dads there with their daughters, they're the best. Just used all three uses of there/their/they're in one sentence. Just did it again. On a roll.

Which is what DJ heroes 99 and Barry were on as I rounded the tracks. Such a beautiful set, 7/25/14.

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