Monday, August 11, 2014


Zone B

Zombie by Fela Kuti. "Zom B O Zom B." I mishear this at first as "Zone B! O, Zone B!"

B, its a pictogram of Breasts. The word BOOB is full of full breasts. It's Onomatopoeic too, what babies say when they are feeding, BA BA BA, which is why some early linguist made the sound of mama's milk look like a B.

Zone B is not in the same zone as A, zone Of self, of pointing straight up, crossed, A crossing itself. (at least A is trying to assert itself horizontally. You can hear that in the sound too, the way the Ah stretches the mouth high and wide. butt it's not as buxom as zone B!)

Plus it is the other thing, like plan B, like the thing that happens that we didn't plan. That zone!

The dance this morning met up with Eutimia Cruz Montoya, because there was a song in the glorious set by Terrasonic on afterfm 8/9/14 that sounded like her, both the singing and the song. Also because I found out through FB that my friend Joanna fidducia is friends with Timi too. FB is such an evolutionary force. I danced with both of them in the graveyard this morning.

But mostly alone    where with all.

Jagger stole his moves from James Brown.

This guy was just waking up, watched me dancing and yawned.

This guy slept right through it.

Hey lions, Check out the bat wing of light

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