Monday, April 28, 2014


For some reason I could not get up this morning to go out, maybe because I was sucked into an article about Shakespeare's relics by Adam Copp Nick in the New Yorker.

Anyway tonight I went out to write, and on the way I listened to my own songs, especially bazooka, the writing song for Scott, and I had a mad dance down Queens Boulevard.

Shit man, everyone of these is gold and will last forever. God bless the Internet.

I called Steven Nixon and talk to him about the structure of my novel, the dream in the box. The secret of the box. He told me to lose the ad verbs! 

I like the way that AutoCorrect changed adverbs. I am such a word nerd.

But yes a ad that verbs. Or a verb it advertises itself.

Like shoots of gold in the spring. So beautiful here in Sunnyside.

Also in my mind I put out and LP, fumes making us dizzy, the first four songs of Matthews slo children dump.

At one point fully engaged in the music as I flew down the street.

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