Wednesday, April 9, 2014


Went to see Zach Wollers paintings tonight at La Mama Galleria. Eddie, Jess Colletti, Laura, John Allen, Amy, Nicole, Becca, Charles, Karen, Sylvie, June, Brendan, Filip, Will, Desi all there. Danced there. Then back Dancing in endless subway stations dead tired and pushing it to breaking point through sheer will, listening to Gorillaz. Plastic Beach. 

thinking some rich billionaire in Dubai should build organic non plastic replica of Gorillaz' plastic beach for tourists. Shangrila big bucks playground. Check out the album cover to see what I mean. Right Irie?

Also danced to Roy Orbison in the basement with girls this morning so got some extra jig up in the mix. 


East village mural detail
And you're not ready for your bio

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