Thursday, April 24, 2014


This morning was epic.  It has been a while.

I was planning on going to play disc golf by myself, a half hour drive from Myrtle Beach where we are staying. But when I looked up the course it was so heavily wooded and w/o map that I knew I would lose either my disk or myself. 

So instead I forged my own course. I danced my way away from the ocean And into the housing developments to the West. After I passed the development I came across an empty lot across from a fleamarket called, appropriately, Everything Under The Sun. 

I mentally made a disc golf course around the perimeter of the huge lot. Somewhere around hole 4 I found a cement platform with a hole in it. Directly across from the tee was Everything Under The Sun. As if on cue the Mario Brothers sound effects hip-hop mix made by my friend Rob came over the headphones. Suddenly I found myself playing disc golf and Mario Brothers at the same time... while dancing. The hole on the tee morphed into a manhole in the game and I went under for the gold coins. There were more under there than I could account for.

After the game I headed back to the beach for a Sun salutation. 

When I walked onto the beach I saw my father-in-law walking solo. He cut a fine silhouette against the ocean. 

If you blow the picture up you can see "everything under the sun" in the distance. Mario Brother manhole in the foreground.

Gold coins coming up from underground

Mermaids live! Believe it or not!

On the way home I met this friendly guy

I love the spiralling weave of these trees

Dr. George taking his constitutional.

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