Monday, November 4, 2013


 All of a sudden this morning it becomes clear that I need to write a book, first chapter how important music is, how music saved my soul in the hospital with Bob Marley opening.

Chapter 2 the moves: the skip, the stutter step, the cross step, the side step, the march.

My God the life this morning. I feel like the thousand and one dances has just begun. It's very cold this morning and I find it exhilarating out in the cold dancing in the graveyard. Not cold at all.

Chapter 3: how to play music. Already written.

This morning it's figured out, subscribe.

 I have 1000 pawns ready to launch.

And all the technology bends to my will.

Bill said pay now.

Sorry, I slipped into poetry for a moment. This is a non-representational habit.

Back to the book.  "every day I write the book."

Finally, I was finally able to get 99 and Barry on AfterFM on my iPhone this morning. There were many bugs, but it was such a beautiful mix of music I did not care.

At one point the music stopped and I crashed to the ground and nearly cried. Started again and...

I flew like Swiss cheese.

Chapter 3 of the big art swindle. Then blood. Ben Blood.

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