Sunday, November 3, 2013


Today went down to the graveyard I spotted when I went to see Banksy's final piece for "Better Out Than In" last week; Calvary Cemetery. 

I danced to UNK, which I was turned onto by DJ Besos at the Banksy after party. So I am still feeling the reverberations of Banksy's residency.

UNK's "Walk It Out" is the perfect dance-walk song. It even has a shout out to Queens.

Funny, there are so many Banksy haters. But I think those are people looking for something to hate. I was open to the experience and therefore had many profound moments along the way. Some real magic.
Love the marble mustache. He's listening to rock.
Gray sets off color
Long legs

Angel with O
Graven images
Angel taking off halo

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