Friday, August 9, 2013


This morning danced to August 3rd Terrasonic show via iTunes. A beautiful mix for which I am grateful. It isn't easy to find music this good.

It was raining this morning but I was rearing to go out, so grabbed an umbrella and went anyway and so glad that I did.

The umbrella turns out to be a great dance prop. A la singing in the rain. Many cool moves, like spinning, or grabbing the umbrella and spinning with the umbrella, or twirling it around in figure eights to the music.

And when the umbrella is closed it becomes a kind of baton that can be tossed around or used for extra pendulum weight on the arm swings.

Stopped by some interesting graves this morning. On one there was a mother and father in the middle, flanked by their 22 year-old and 33 year old sons, both of whom died in France. I think about what that sacrifice must've meant to those parents and what it must be like to fight in a worthwhile war. Instead of being the barbarian who's taxes are causing birth defects in Iraqi babies!

The music in Joel's mix fit the somber moment of reflection.

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