Thursday, August 8, 2013


When I woke up this morning I had that weak shaky feeling that I sometimes get, and have been for all my life, for no reason I can understand. I almost didn't go out but G said to go for a walk so I had a slug of coffee, went outside, took in a deep draft of the grass and took off to African dance beats. Soon I was flying in the most joyful dance, completely inside outside. There is no feeling like that.

From weak to peak.

I was thinking about this thousand and one dances, how it signifies the definite number of dances I will have in my life. I thought about Tyler Burba's great song, "I'm going to miss me when I'm gone". thinking about how much I will miss my body when it can no longer dance, makes me dance so much harder now, with much more focused attention.

This blog is in a meditation on time. Like Christian Marclay's The Clock. Each dance both in defiance of and in obeisance to the last one.

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