Thursday, August 1, 2013


Sofia woke up middle of the night last night asking for holy water. I didn't know where it was so got some water in sink and touched it against Amma's feet on the calendar poster And then touched it to Sofia's third eye.

Then got some socks to put on her itchy feet which woke up the baby. Wife says whatever you did backfired. Go to sleep grouchy.

Difficult to get going this morning, Achy joints getting worse, the music wasn't doing it, the new hot Chip, Even though it was pretty good. Then terrasonic and still nothing. Feeling waves of upset.

Did some yoga, Put on Amma's Bhajans and lifted up and out into the dance.

Thinking how many times I have woken up Upset in the middle of the night and said mantra and then fell peacefully back asleep.

How grateful I am for that.

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